Rule notes and Guidance notes

Bureau Veritas has more than 150 Rules, Rule Notes and Guidance Notes available for download.

Rules and Rule Notes (NR) provide the applicable requirements used for certification and classification by Bureau Veritas.
Guidance Notes (NI) provide specific information and recommendations on marine units, equipment and systems.

Main Classification Rules

NR467Rules for the classification of steel shipsJan 2024
NR216Rules on materials and welding for the classification of marine unitsJan 2024
NR445Rules for the classification of offshore unitsJan 2024
NR217Rules for the classification of inland navigation vesselsJun 2021
NR483Rules for the classification of naval shipsJan 2024
NR500Rules for the classification and the certification of yachtsNov 2022

Other rules and rule notes

NR206Wind propulsion systemsJan 2024
NR266Requirements for survey of materials and equipment for the classification of ships and offshore unitsMar 2024
NR320Certification scheme of materials and equipment for the classification of marine unitsJul 2022
NR387Rules for the classification of fish farmsOct 2023
NR396Rules for the classification of high-speed craftFeb 2002
NR426Construction survey of steel structures of offshore units and installationsJan 2024
NR459Process systems onboard offshore units and installationsJul 2015
NR475Floating dockOct 2001
NR476Approval testing of weldersJan 2022
NR480Approval of the manufacturing process of metallic materialsJan 2024
NR490Rules for the classification of crew boatsMar 2023
NR493Classification of mooring systems for permanent offshore unitsJul 2021
NR494Rules for the classification of offshore loading and offloading buoysMay 2006
NR496Approval of computerized maintenance management systems used on board shipsJul 2022
NR517Classification of compressed natural gas carriersApr 2007
NR526Rules for the classification of lifting appliances onboard ships and offshore unitsJul 2021
NR527Rules for the classification of ships operating in polar waters and icebreakersJan 2021
NR528Green passportOct 2018
NR529Gas fuelled shipsJan 2024
NR530Coating performance standardJul 2023
NR533Approval of service suppliersFeb 2024
NR534Rules for the classification of self-elevating units - jack-ups and liftboatsDec 2016
NR535Rules for the classification of naval submarinesSep 2016
NR540Kick-off meeting templates for newbuildingJul 2021
NR542Classification of floating gas unitsMay 2019
NR544Requirements for survey of materials and equipment for the classification of inland waters-operated vessels / unitsNov 2021
NR546Hull in composite, plywood and high density polyethylene materialsNov 2022
NR547Ships using Fuel CellsJan 2022
NR551Structural analysis of offshore surface units through full-length finite element modelsApr 2010
NR556Emergency response service (ERS)Apr 2023
NR557High-voltage shore connection systemJan 2010
NR561Hull in aluminium alloys, design principles, construction and surveyNov 2022
NR562Requirements for survey of materials and equipment for the classification of naval submarinesJan 2018
NR566Hull arrangement, stability and systems for ships less than 500 GTJul 2022
NR568Classification of offshore units - risk based approachJul 2011
NR569Classification for drilling shipsJan 2016
NR570Classification for drilling equipmentApr 2013
NR571Classification of column stabilized unitsDec 2016
NR578Rules for the classification of tension leg platforms (TLP)Jul 2012
NR580Rules for the classification of floating establishmentsSep 2012
NR583Whipping and springing assessmentJul 2015
NR584Propulsors in iceJul 2012
NR588Offshore oil offloading - transfer armsNov 2012
NR589Wind farms service shipsDec 2018
NR592Elastic shaft alignment (ESA)Apr 2015
NR595Classification of offshore handing systems (OHS)Aug 2014
NR596EU RO mutual recognition - terms and conditions - procedure for type approval - technical requirementsFeb 2024
NR598Implementation of safe return to port and orderly evacuationJan 2016
NR600Hull structure and arrangement for the classification of cargo ships less than 65m and non-cargo ships less than 90mJan 2024
NR606Common structural rules for bulk carriers and oil tankersJan 2024
NR610Rules for the classification of diving systemsDec 2018
NR612Rules for the classification of harbor equipmentJan 2024
NR614Underwater radiated noise (URN)Jul 2018
NR615Buckling assessment of plated structuresJul 2023
NR616Ice load monitoring system (MON-ICE)Jan 2015
NR620Bunkering shipsFeb 2024
NR626Anchor windlass and chain stoppersNov 2022
NR632Hardware-in-the-loop testingJan 2016
NR633SYS-NEQ-OSVMar 2016
NR636Comfort and health onboard offshore unitsDec 2016
NR642Cybersecurity requirements for products to be installed on-board naval shipsJul 2018
NR645Rules for the classification of floating storage regasification units and floating storage unitsMay 2019
NR656Power generation unitsNov 2018
NR659Rules on cyber security for the classification of marine unitsJan 2024
NR667Parametric roll assessmentJul 2019
NR669Recognition of non-destructive testing suppliersJul 2020
NR670Methanol & ethanol fuelled shipsAug 2022
NR671Ammonia-fuelled ships - Tentative RulesJul 2022
NR674Condition monitoring systemsJul 2024
NR675Additional class notation SMARTJan 2024
NR678Hydrogen-fuelled shipsNov 2023
NR681Unmanned surface vessels (USV)Jul 2022
NR688Internal connectivityAug 2022
NR690Data-centric evaluationApr 2024

Guidance notes

NI364Verification scheme for unbonded flexible pipesApr 2022
NI388Safety of ro-ro passenger and cruise shipsJan 2018
NI409Guidelines for corrosion protection of seawater ballast tanks and hold spaces1995
NI422Type approval of non-destructive testing equipment dedicated to underwater inspection of offshore structuresFeb 1998
NI423Corrosion protection of steel offshore units and installationMay 2006
NI429Guidelines for the preparation of the cargo securing manualApr 2004
NI432Certification of fibre ropes for deepwater offshore servicesDec 2018
NI465Condition assessment programme (CAP)May 2015
NI524Classification and certification of high integrity protection system (HIPS)Nov 2006
NI525Risk-based qualification of new technology - Methodological guidelinesApr 2020
NI537Guidelines for the design of the means of access for inspection, maintenance and operation of commercial shipsApr 2008
NI543Ice reinforcement selection in different world navigation areasSep 2013
NI545Guidance for the lay-up and reactivation of shipsFeb 2018
NI554Design sloshing loads for LNG membrane tanksMay 2011
NI559Guidelines for the use of low sulphur fuel oils (IMO 2020 compliance)May 2019
NI560Guidelines on alternative design and arrangements of life-saving appliancesMar 2010
NI563Standard for quality management system of seafarer manning officesOct 2013
NI564Strength assessment of LNG membrane tanks under sloshing loadsMay 2011
NI565Ice characteristics and ice/structure  interactionsSep 2010
NI567Risk-based verification of floating offshore unitsSep 2020
NI572Classification and certification of floating offshore wind turbinesJan 2019
NI575Condition assessment programme for inland navigation vessels - CAP inlandJul 2012
NI582Condition assessment programme for yachtsSep 2011
NI590Rudders in composite materialsMar 2023
NI593Ship conversion into offshore units - redeployment and life extension of offshore unitsNov 2017
NI594Design and construction of offshore concrete structuresFeb 2017
NI601Tanker plus - inland navigation vesselsFeb 2013
NI603Current and tidal turbinesMay 2015
NI604Fatigue of top chain of mooring lines due to in-plane and out-of-plane bendingsOct 2014
NI605Geotechnical and foundation designAug 2014
NI607Guidelines for corrosion protection applicable to inland navigation vesselsOct 2013
NI611Guidelines for fatigue assessment of ships and offshore unitsNov 2020
NI613Adhesive joints and patch repairMay 2015
NI617Recommendations for life-saving appliances, radio installations and navigation equipment for tugs of less than 500 GTJan 2018
NI621Guidelines for moonpool assessmentJan 2016
NI623Condition assessment programme for LNG carriers (LNG CAP) - annex to NI465May 2015
NI624Risk-based structural integrity management of offshore jacket structuresApr 2017
NI629Certification of offshore access systemsMay 2016
NI631Certification scheme for Marine Renewable Energy technologiesJan 2024
NI634Loading instrument for inland navigation vesselsJul 2016
NI635Index on applicable risk analysis for Marine and OffshoreDec 2017
NI637Classification and certification of ocean thermal energy converter (OTEC) - tentative rulesJan 2018
NI638Guidance for long-term hydro-structure calculationsFeb 2019
NI639Guidelines for the design of ships subject to bulk cargo liquefactionDec 2016
NI640Guidance note for structural assessment of passenger ships and ro-ro shipsAug 2022
NI641Guidelines for autonomous shippingOct 2019
NI647LPG-fuelled ships (tentative rules)Jan 2018
NI648Container lashing assessmentOct 2018
NI649Guidance for the lay-up and reactivation of DP vesselsFeb 2018
NI650Guidelines for existing ships operating in polar watersMay 2018
NI653Risk-based structural integrity management for topside structuresOct 2018
NI654Guidelines on conversion to LNG as fuelFeb 2019
NI655LNG carrier conversion to FSRU or FSUJul 2018
NI657Classification scheme under risk based inspectionFeb 2019
NI658Type approval of fibres and yarnsDec 2018
NI662Additive manufacturing - guidelines for certification of product made using wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) processMay 2019
NI663Propeller in composite materialsMar 2023
NI664Risk-based inspection for the hull structure of floating offshore unitsJun 2021
NI673Guidelines for management of COVID-19 and infectious diseasesJun 2020
NI682Certification of fixed offshore substations for renewable energy projectsApr 2022
NI684Guidelines for condition based maintenanceJul 2024
NI691Environmental conditions, loads and induced responses of marine unitsDec 2022

IMPORTANT: Bureau Veritas may at any time issue corrigenda for any published Rules, Rule Notes or Guidance Notes to address errors in the printed and/or electronic editions.