Addressing onboard health and safety of all ship types

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and evolving guidelines for onboard health and safety, ship owners must mitigate, prevent and manage biological risks to ensure their ships can continue sailing. To achieve this, measures for the mitigation of biological risks to crew and passengers can be incorporated onboard through both design provisions and operational procedures.  

Following close collaboration with marine stakeholders, Bureau Veritas has developed notations to help shipyards, ship owners, operators and managers prepare for biological risks and implement appropriate preventive measures. Our notations include the development and implementation of an outbreak management plan, and build on principles established for our Restart Your Business offer.

MSC Virtuosa during sea trials
MSC VIRTUOSA is the first ship world-wide to receive the BIORISK notation

BIORISK MANAGED: establishing an outbreak management plan

To earn a BIORISK MANAGED notation, ships must undergo a biological risk assessment to identify risks to passengers and crew from infectious diseases. Based on this assessment, an outbreak management plan describing the measures and procedures to be integrated onboard will be developed and implemented.

Relevant measures include the clear definition of onboard responsibilities and resource management, supplies (e.g., PPE, medical equipment), procedures and behavioral recommendations, and crew training. To further mitigate risk and earn a BIORISK MANAGED notation, ships must also modify onboard spaces or systems (e.g., quarantine areas, heating and cooling systems).

Laurent Leblanc, Bureau Veritas Senior Vice- President, Technical & Operations

Senior Vice President Technical & Operations

Bureau Veritas M&O

These new BIORISK notations now provide a rule framework that provides an approach that can be adopted by any ship operator of any ship type - and that can be certified by Bureau Veritas.

BIORISK SECURED: adding onboard risk control measures

This notation requires ship owners to go beyond the necessary measures for BIORISK MANAGED, installing additional systems and hardware to mitigate and prevent infectious diseases. Ships should assign a dedicated area for quarantining infected crew or passengers that includes systems for remote and access control monitoring. Other measures include specific requirements for ventilation systems (e.g., the number of air changes per hour, filtration efficiency) and equipment for onboard temperature monitoring.

With BIORISK SECURED, ship owners and managers can instill confidence in passengers and crew, proving that appropriate onboard health and safety standards have been implemented.