Maritime industry 4.0

Industry 4.0


Class and certification services for digital assets

Ship owners are looking to make the leap from today’s vessels to the interconnected and automated ships of tomorrow. To safely achieve this, owners need access to the latest digital technologies, smart ship solutions and cyber security measures.

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As part of our digital innovation strategy, Bureau Veritas is working hand-in-hand with clients to develop offers that support their digital transformation. Our services are customizable and available to clients at any stage of digital maturity, allowing ship owners to advance their digital transformation journey one step at a time. 

Cyber Security for Naval ships - Credit Naval Group

Increasing efficiency with digital twin technology

Ship owners are increasingly using digital 3D models of their assets and real-time information about asset condition to improve maintenance and efficiency, and lower costs. Bureau Veritas is developing class notations to help clients prove the accuracy of their digital twins, ensuring that 3D models are properly designed, updated and managed. Our experts are further developing notations to certify designers and ship builders’ ability to develop digital twins.

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Improving cyber safety & security

To help ship owners protect their assets and data, Bureau Veritas has developed two comprehensive cyber safety and security notations: CYBER MANAGED and CYBER SECURE. Our cyber security rules, NR 659, and associated guidelines further help clients limit cyber risk, secure ship data and train personnel. These Bureau Veritas rules and notations further support ship compliance with IMO’s 2021 cyber security management requirements.

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Developing safe, compliant
smart ships

The development of automated and semi-autonomous ships is a key part of the next wave of digitalization. In collaboration with key industry stakeholders, Bureau Veritas is using its classification expertise to develop new rules, class notations and digital tools for smart ships and on-board systems. Our goal is to support the development of cyber-enabled technology and integration of digitized onboard processes, while optimizing asset monitoring, maintenance, operations and safety.