FSRUs - Floating Storage Regasification Units

Offering lower CAPEX and shorter commissioning lead times than onshore LNG terminals, Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) play an important role in enabling global LNG supply chains. They are an attractive offshore option for countries looking to quickly increase energy imports or improve energy security.
Drawing upon its extensive technical and regulatory expertise, Bureau Veritas has become a global leader in the classification of FSRUs.

Regular access to clean energy is a priority around the world, especially in developing countries. FSRUs offer a viable solution to this problem, but offshore operators need a trusted partner to help them develop new LNG projects quickly, safely and to budget. Sea conditions, environmental regulations and risk of fire and explosion are all potential risks that must be mitigated before an operator can build such a valuable offshore unit.

  • Our mission is to help identify, prevent, manage and eliminate potential risks for our FSRU clients
  • As a global leader in classification of FSRUs, Bureau Veritas provides clients with the most up-to-date information and regulatory advice
  • We are experts in reclassification, carrying out analyses for clients ahead of process modifications and unit relocations

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Managing costs

For emerging market nations, FSRUs offer an economical way to obtain energy without the need for major onshore LNG construction and infrastructure projects. With our leading classification services, operators in emerging economies can access clean fuel thanks to FSRUs that take less time to build than onshore gas extraction sites, thus keeping costs down.

Writing the Rules

In response to industry demand, Bureau Veritas offers specific Rules (NR 645) for the classification of FSRUs, detailing requirements to address technical and operational aspects. These rules apply a unified approach to safety and design challenges while providing two additional class notations.

Continuing Innovation

The long-term success of LNG depends on reliable global supply chains. This is why Bureau Veritas works upstream, classing innovative FSRUs. We are propelling the industry forward, working side by side with our clients to develop innovative concepts, such as using FSRUs as power stations.

Classification on the move

One advantage of FSRUs is the mobility and flexibility they offer. Bureau Veritas provides reclassification services for FSRUs that are to be relocated. When units are moved from country to country, Bureau Veritas is ready to conduct analyses, preparing existing units ahead of relocation to ensure a smooth transition.

37%Proportion of global FSRUs built to Bureau Veritas class
1/3FSRUs worldwide classed to Bureau Veritas rules
263,000 m3The world’s largest FSRU, selected for classification by Bureau Veritas in 2014



Bureau Veritas has been our FSRU classification society from the beginning. It’s been a great benefit to have a classification society that has been flexible and willing to work with us as the market evolves.