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Digital Classification


Classification services for the digital age

The maritime industry will be safer, smarter, more efficient and more sustainable as it moves into the next phase of digitalization. Described as Industry 4.0, this is the technological revolution that will change the way the shipping industry works.

With Digital Classification, Bureau Veritas is leading the way into the future with digital services that are accessible to all clients at any stage of digital transformation. Digital Classification is a vital platform for enabling the safe transformation of the industry. Our experts are using a range of key technologies to support classification clients, including:

•    3D digital twin technology
•    Aerial drones, ROV, crawlers and other robotics
•    Webcams, smart glasses and Augmented Reality (AR)
•    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science

These technologies enable Bureau Veritas to provide ship owners, shipyards and other maritime stakeholders with a smart, collaborative approach to Classification. From design to construction, and throughout operations, Digital Classification supports our mission to help clients not only be safe and sustainable but make better, data-driven decisions to improve asset operations and maintenance.

Bureau Veritas vision for digital classification - throughout the whole life cycle of the ship

Classification in 3D

Digital Classification is bringing design review into the digital age by using a unique 3D model of a ship or asset. This eliminates the need for 2D drawings and provides a faster, safer way to conduct design review. Bureau Veritas experts, clients and suppliers can interact directly and simultaneously with the 3D model at any time, from anywhere.

With 3D classification, users can perform calculations, exchange information and address classification comments. 3D classification is available for hull structure review, and will soon extend to other disciplines, including fire safety, stability and machinery systems.

Ship owners and managers further maintain access to the 3D model developed at the design stage throughout the asset’s lifetime, building a complete and evolving model of their vessel and its history.

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Seeing and deciding remotely

Digital Classification enables clients to move from physical surveys to partly or wholly remote and augmented surveys, helping ship owners and managers increase safety, reduce costs and limit asset inspection time.

Aerial drones, ROVs and crawlers help onboard surveyors inspect assets and assess difficult-to-access areas of ships -“seeing remotely”. Webcams, connected devices, and smart glasses will enable surveyors to verify the compliance of relevant survey items completely remotely -“deciding remotely”.

Owners will eventually be able to combine our time- and cost-effective remote inspection techniques with our 3D digital twin solution, Veristar AIM3D, bringing asset integrity management to the next level.

In addition, Bureau Veritas is leveraging AI, such as image recognition software, to develop augmented survey techniques. Clients can use the data collected from remote and augmented surveys to improve their asset management and maintenance programs, as well as inform future designs.

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Laurent Leblanc, Bureau Veritas Senior Vice- President, Technical & Operations

Senior Vice-President, Technical & Operation

Bureau Veritas M&O

Drone surveys are now going to be part of everyday life for ship surveys. They can save time and money. Above all, drones provide new levels of detail and safety that will benefit our clients and our surveyors.

From prescriptive to predictive

Digital Classification will help owners reduce and control risk before problems occur. While today’s surveys are planned and largely prescriptive, Bureau Veritas is developing new methodologies and asset condition monitoring to offer predictive surveys based on risk analysis. This customized approach will allow owners to benefit from a focus on critical survey items at the right time, resulting in improved safety, optimized asset maintenance, and reduced operational costs.

The Digital solutions our stakeholders need

The maritime industry’s digital transformation is a collaborative process. Bureau Veritas is working hand-in-hand with clients to define and develop the digital solutions they need. With our innovative and collaborative platforms, clients will have real-time access to the tools that can provide critical classification expertise.