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VeriSTAR Green

Calculate EEXI and CII values and report fuel consumption data for DCS and MRV

To minimize the environmental impact and carbon intensity of the marine industry, the International Maritime Organization has passed two key regulations. The Energy Efficiency Existing Index (EEXI) is a technical, design-based index, and the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) is an operating index. Both regulations require owners to calculate their vessels’ environmental footprint, meeting specific targets for emissions reduction based on ship type and size.

To facilitate and accelerate the calculation process for ship owners, Bureau Veritas developed VeriSTAR Green. This web platform enables owners to easily and efficiently perform calculations for EEXI and CII, report on fuel consumption data and move toward compliance with IMO regulations.

Key benefits

  • Determine attained and required EEXI values
  • Calculate and simulate CII, and determine the corresponding ship rating
  • Calculate and report fuel consumption and CO2 emissions data
  • Prepare for compliance with IMO regulations for carbon indexes in time for January 1, 2023

Calculate attained and required EEXI values

To comply with EEXI requirements, all ships over 400 GT will need to determine their current EEXI value and compare it to the required value set by IMO. Based on this information, ship owners may need to modify or optimize their vessels to improve environmental performance. VeriSTAR Green’s advanced calculation technology enables ship owners to easily and accurately calculate both attained and required EEXI values, and perform a direct comparison.

Measure CII and optimize performance to limit emissions

Ships over 5,000 GT are subject to IMO requirements for the CII, and must quantify and report on their carbon emissions from operations. VeriSTAR Green provides features for calculating and simulating a ship’s CII, enabling vessel owners to comply with regulations and ultimately limit their carbon emissions.


Beginning in 2025, shipping companies that operate in EU waters will need to purchase emission allowances under the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). The number of allowances needed are based on each individual vessel’s reported CO2 emissions under the EU Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Regulation (EU MRV). Veristar Green includes a simulator to help owners estimate the potential financial impact of these allowances on individual ship and on company level.

By entering their CO2 emissions data in the simulator, shipowners can simulate the cost based on real-time market data. For BV customers with at least one EU MRV contract, this information is prefilled to make life easier – but all the fields are editable to simulate other scenarios.

Comply with IMO DCS and EU MRV requirements

Both the IMO Data Collection System (DCS) and EU MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) regulation require ships over 5,000 GT to collect and report on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. VeriSTAR Green encompasses all features previously included in the My Fuel Consumption app, enabling ship owners to monitor, record and report on their emissions.

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