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Fast, simple and secure access to class & statutory certificates

E-certificates are a convenient way for ship owners and operators to evidence the validity of their ship’s classification and statutory certifications.

Using Bureau Veritas’ e-certificates platform reduces administrative time and costs, allowing ship managers to keep their certificates in a single, easily accessible online location. E-certificates provide the added benefit of improving digital efficiency and being more secure than paper certificates, eliminating the risk of misplaced documentation or late delivery. 

For ship operators, vessel owners, and marine stakeholders, certificate validation is easily secured and streamlined with Bureau Veritas’ e-certificates platform.

  • E-certificates reduce administration time and costs by providing quick certificate delivery
  • You can prevent document fraud, loss, and damage with our cloud storage and secure electronic signature system
  • Verification of certificate authenticity and validity is easy with the Bureau Veritas online portal
  • Secure cloud storage makes sharing documents simple and helps facilitate management of certificates


Online portal access

E-certificates are delivered by email, and ship owners can view, download, and share them directly. E-certificates are also available on the My Veristar app and the Veristar Info website 24/7. 

Fraud Prevention

E-certificates provide multi-stage security for the verification of authenticity and validity. Your secure web portal is accessible using a QR code, URL, or unique identification number, and our secure electronic signature system prevents fraud and document tampering.

Easily updated certification

E-certificates simplify the process of keeping your ship certification up-to-date. Whenever a surveyor periodically surveys your vessel, a new version of the relevant e-certificate is issued to reflect either the endorsement or renewal of the required certification.

Ensure flag administrations acceptance

Should you request an e-certificate, Bureau Veritas will verify whether the relevant flag administrations accept electronic statutory certificates. If this is the case, Bureau Veritas will begin issuing class and statutory e-certificate in digital format at your vessel’s next survey.