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Fixed units

Fixed oil and gas platforms must be built to last, performing in a hostile environment throughout their life. Only a thorough and properly planned asset integrity management system can ensure that the platform meets and exceeds its design life without process interruption.

Operators rely on Bureau Veritas to ensure their assets comply with all statutory requirements. Bureau Veritas supports clients from CAPEX (design, procurement and construction) through OPEX, and on to decommissioning.

In the competitive oil and gas industry, asset downtime and high maintenance costs are major obstacles. Operators must maximize operational reliability to ensure increased production and higher return on investment. To keep assets running smoothly and safely, operators require independent verification of safety-critical elements and performance standards. Asset owners must achieve all this while remaining compliant with all national and international regulations.

  • Our technical expertise in both onshore and offshore platforms improves safety and reduces risks throughout the asset lifecycle
  • Our Asset Integrity Management experts cover all types of assets from first design to the operational phase
  • Our advanced, user-friendly software delivers structural, equipment, and design solutions
  • Bureau Veritas ensures ongoing compliance via certification and re-certification of equipment

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Design review

As a recognized industry leader in design review, Bureau Veritas provides two types of systematic design review: full design appraisal against relevant standards, and verification review to facility operator specifications. We also provide independent structural analysis services to cover all activities throughout a platform’s lifecycle.

Topside layout assessment

We conduct onboard systems reviews related to risk grouping, ranking and separation principles. Our experts comply with recognized standards for performing risk studies, and their work confirms the rating and arrangement of fire and blast barriers installed to protect personnel and prevent escalation.

Process design review and safety management

Bureau Veritas verifies that the design process meets relevant specifications, ensuring the arrangement of systems follows applicable safety rules. We offer studies for every stage in a fixed platform’s life, and provide enhancements to Process Safety Management (PSM) programs.

Independent verification process

Bureau Veritas has established a system of independent processes for reviewing the safety-critical elements of an asset throughout its lifecycle. We work directly with operators, and offer complete services for developing, managing and reviewing Safety Cases.

Data modeling and structural soundness inspections

Our Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) process identifies, assesses, and prioritizes industrial risks that can compromise asset and equipment integrity. We also offer Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Risk-Based Maintenance (RBM), which are preventive programs focusing on the most critical elements of an asset’s structural safety.

700risk-based Inspections worldwide for all types of assets
1,000accreditations and authorizations across industry sectors
2,600experts in Marine and Offshore experts serving our clients worldwide