Lower CAPEX and flexibility make floating units a natural choice for producing offshore oil and gas. Bureau Veritas supports owners and contractors by supporting safe, reliable, and innovative FPSO concepts. 

Flexible, standardized FPSOs

Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) units are popular choices for deepwater offshore oil and gas projects. The industry is seeking ways to innovate construction, in order to lower costs and limit time-to-market. Current tendencies are either to develop standardized, but also scalable and flexible designs or to convert existing ships into FPSOs. To accomplish this, engineering and construction companies require a partner with extensive experience in offshore projects and with readiness to support new technologies.

Bureau Veritas verifies assets’ compliance, structural integrity and safety. We offer dedicated, comprehensive rules for FPSOs and FSOs, support innovation through design classification and provide topside certification services.


Dedicated Rules

Drawing on our long experience in classing FPSOs, Bureau Veritas has created a comprehensive set of dedicated rules to ensure our clients’ compliance. We provide classification expertise for both new units and conversions of VLCCs to FPSOs. We continue to develop our expertise by working on the world’s latest projects, notably complex deepwater projects offshore Africa.


We constantly strive to help clients achieve their goals while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Through Approvals in Principle (AIP), we assess design feasibility and reliability on the next-generation FPSOs. We help clients achieve safe design and operation through design assessment studies and second-party inspection. We are increasingly using advanced inspection techniques involving drones to improve data collection and analysis.

Conversion of vessels to FPSOs

Through our subsidiary Bureau Veritas Solutions, we provide CAP assessments prior to conversion and classification of vessels to FPSOs. We provide full project management, including safety and risk management, coordination with ship staff, appointment of contractors, documentation control, and cost efficiency guidance.


Bureau Veritas leverages its technical expertise in oil and gas to provide certification of all main equipment, including topsides, turret assemblies, subsea umbilical installation, moorings, risers, and flowlines.