Marine classification

Marine classification

For shipowners and operators, safety and efficiency are of the utmost importance. Poor safety management can lead to loss of life, cargo, and reputation. Inefficient design, construction, and operation can result in high operating costs, increased fuel consumption, and a shorter operating life. Classing marine assets with a trusted classification society like Bureau Veritas keeps vessels safe, compliant, and environmentally friendly throughout their operating life.  

Vessels operate in demanding conditions and must meet rigorous safety standards. Ship owners and operators look to vessel classification to help them to secure a license to operate, control and reduce safety and security risks, comply with stringent regulations, and improve efficiency and environmental performance.

  • Our experience as one of the largest classification societies assures your vessels comply with international regulations
  • Our in-depth knowledge of regulations and leading-edge research ensures your vessels are built to the highest standards
  • Our global network of +2,000 highly qualified surveyors offers geographic convenience and accessibility
  • Our industry-leading tools and services provide timely and cost-effective solutions to owners who choose BV class
  • We are one of the leading classification societies and a founding member of IACS (International Association of Classification Societies)
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Newbuilding classification

Bureau Veritas offers dedicated Rules for the design and construction of a wide range of merchant and passenger ships, workships and naval vessels. Our classification services include plan approval of your newbuilding design and surveys at the shipyard, certification of materials and equipment at the manufacturer and witnessing of sea trials to evaluate compliance against the applicable classification rules. We continually update and add to our Rules to improve safety and support innovation, for example in gas fueled ships (LNG, LPG and methanol) or electric-hybrid propulsion systems.

In-service ship classification

Bureau Veritas’ global network of surveyors in major ports, technical expertise and fast response times make us a partner of choice for ships in-service. Thanks to our decentralized system of customer support centers we are always close to our clients and respond effectively to their needs.

Specific performance notations

We help clients keep up with new regulations and innovations with new notations. Specific notations (CLEANSHIP, BWT, GREEN PASSPORT, EGCS-SCRUBBER, EEDI, SEEMP, FORS) support ship owners seeking compliance with environmental protection regulations. Other class notations such as ICE CLASS, POLAR CLASS, ICEBREAKER, and COLD, support the design, construction, and operation of vessels operating in the Arctic.

+11,500ships in the BV-classed fleet
+2,650Bureau Veritas experts in marine and offshore
180survey stations
19Local plan approval offices
6Marine operation centers

General Manager

Chantiers de l’Atlantique

There are very few classification societies with experience of large cruise ships and we need a competent partner. Bureau Veritas has strong technical skills, which they use to interpret the rules in new situations and work with us to find a solution.

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