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FLNGs - Floating Liquefied Natural Gas units 

Growing demand for natural gas as a clean-energy alternative to traditional fossil fuels has driven producers to seek safe, flexible solutions for extracting offshore gas. With over 50 years in the LNG industry, Bureau Veritas provides vital support to the development and operation of Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) units.

A worldwide drive to reduce emissions makes LNG a natural choice as both a power source and marine fuel. Owners, operators and producers depend on efficient, secure LNG supply chains and infrastructure. As FLNG production becomes viable, stakeholders must ensure the viability and safety of their projects, while adhering to strict regulations and ensuring their projects come in on budget.

  • Bureau Veritas is one of the few classification societies with FLNG experience, having classed the first FLNG projects.
  • Building on our 50 years of LNG experience, we lead the industry in research, knowledge and technical expertise.
  • We offer expertise throughout the LNG value chain, from production to transportation, regasification, bunkering and use of LNG as fuel.
  • Our global network offers unrivaled support to clients, wherever they are in the world.
  • With an in-depth knowledge of regulations, we protect our clients’ assets and the environment.

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Reducing risk

Bureau Veritas helps clients identify and manage risks specific to offshore gas development. Safety is our top concern from the outset of a project, as evidenced by our careful analyses of mooring systems and floaters. We conduct HSE and risk assessments throughout a project to ensure our clients’ compliance and peace of mind.

Improving performance

Bureau Veritas supports performance throughout a vessel’s lifecycle. Our Asset Integrity Management approach enables the FLNG unit and its components to perform efficiently and safely throughout its anticipated service life, and beyond. These efforts include regular inspections, data collection and management, risk and structural assessment and corrosion management.

Ensuring compliance

Our long classification history includes important guidance to clients regarding production, liquefaction, storage and re-vaporization, as well as structural and site notations. We support operators in ensuring compliance of all equipment, installations and processes. We can also review early blueprints of FLNG terminals, and provide design alteration suggestions, as well as compliance advice.

#1Bureau Veritas classed the first-ever FLNG
1/3FSRUs worldwide classed to Bureau Veritas rules
50Years, Bureau Veritas has been at the forefront of LNG
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Bureau Veritas

We’re proud of the unparalleled LNG knowledge and experience we have gained through the years. We aim to share and continue to develop our expertise with our clients for years to come.