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Our Mission

At Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore we have a guiding mission: to keep our clients’ crews and assets safe, every day.

Risk is ever-present. Protecting our clients’ people, ships and offshore structures drives every decision and action we take. This deep sense of purpose makes us go beyond the scope of individual projects to find new ways to anticipate and manage risk across the industry, promoting health and safety, and protecting the marine environment.


We work to provide our clients with the support and knowledge they need

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Our teams apply their knowledge and expertise every day to help our clients solve complex technical problems, meet regulatory requirements and optimize safety and performance. We develop advanced technology and tools, which we share with our clients. As a classification society, we bridge the gap between international regulations and the ambitions and needs of ship designers, builders and operators. By setting rules for ships, offshore structures and onboard equipment, and checking they are met, we contribute to safety at  sea.

Matthieu de Tugny, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore
de Tugny

Executive Vice President

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore and Bureau Veritas Solutions teams share a common commitment: to keep our clients’ people and assets safe. Our clients have the confidence that we are there where they need us, to help them achieve compliance and improve performance.

We are committed to the Marine & Offshore industries

We are deeply involved in the marine and offshore industries. We seek to share our knowledge widely, and use our extensive work with clients, industry bodies and authorities to bring about positive change. Our people are proud of the role they play in creating long-term value for our clients, supporting innovation and helping the industry move forward safely. In return, our clients recognize and value our commitment to service and technical excellence.

Digital leverage to make our clients’ businesses ever-safer

We are digitally transforming our business to improve the efficiency of the services we deliver to clients, and offer new services. In doing so, we aim to protect our clients’ assets and crew and improve their performance – whether by using digital twins of assets to model risks through the lifecycle, developing Rules to address cybersecurity risks, or creating numerical simulations of risks at sea.