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Bureau Veritas Solutions calls for industry to embrace the benefits of ship recycling best practice  

Oct. 14 2019

  • Our team is participating in the IMO symposium taking place in London. The objective is to establish a road-map for sustainable shipping to reduce emissions by cutting down sulphur content in ships' fuel oil. #IMOSulphurLimit #BreathLife #BeatAirPollution #SustainableShipping

  • #NoisePollution #Underwaterlife #ShipsandShipping #SDG #LifeBelowWater #SustainableDevelopmentGoals

  • One particular impact of marine pollution on ocean life remains largely unaddressed: noise. With Underwater Radiated Noise doubling in the last 40 years, the shipping community is searching for practical ways to reduce its impact. Read more > #URN