Cyber in marine

Cyber security for newbuilds


Ensuring cyber security from the design stage

The maritime industry is growing ever more connected, with the vast majority of newbuilds today being constructed with integrated, digital onboard systems. While this growing digitalization enables ship owners and managers to exchange data with their vessels and improve performance, it also greatly increases the surface of attack for hackers.

To help protect vessels, Bureau Veritas has developed key rules, guidelines and notations for cyber security and safety. We support clients in meeting cyber security requirements for design and construction, and ensuring compliance with guidelines for newbuilds, including the upcoming IACS Universal Requirement (UR) E26.

Key benefits

  • Construct newbuilds that are secure by design
  • Select cyber-hardened equipment, solutions and services
  • Ensure that shipyards have implemented all relevant cyber security measures during the construction phase
  • Comply with IACS UR E26 for the cyber protection of newbuilds

Constructing newbuilds that are cyber secure by design

The advantage of undertaking cyber security for newbuilds is that ship owners can begin protecting their vessels from the design phase. This begins with the selection of equipment that has been hardened to resist cyber attacks, and continues through construction, where shipyards ensure the implementation of stringent cyber security rules. Bureau Veritas’ CYBER SECURE class notation incorporates the “secure by design” aspect of cyber security for newbuilds, ensuring shipyards and their suppliers have successfully protected vessels.



Following cyber security guidelines for design and construction

For newbuilds, IACS UR E26 for Cyber Resilience defines a set of cyber security requirements for design and construction. Bureau Veritas helps shipyards comply with this recommendation, performing functional, technical and testing verification for interconnected onboard and onshore systems and equipment. We do this by collaborating with cyber security experts from recently acquired company Secura, which can provide security penetration testing, audits and training.