Materials and Equipment certification

Materials & Equipment Certification

Materials and equipment used in a vessel’s construction and operation must conform to specific technical standards.
These apply to welding consumables, propulsion engine components, electrical and automation systems, lifting appliances, navigation and fire safety equipment, and many additional systems. Materials and equipment certification enables vessels to be safer and more reliable, as their component parts conform to rigorous standards approved by international maritime regulations.

Ship owners and operators must ensure that the materials and equipment they use, buy, make, and install conform to international safety standards and regulatory requirements. However, compliance can be a costly and time-consuming process, leading owners to seek a classification partner with technical expertise available in the right location. Many vessels also require a full-service approach, covering everything from design to operation, which can then be applied across the value chain.

  • Our in-depth knowledge of classification rules ensures your vessel achieves and maintains compliance with materials and equipment-specific technical standards.  
  • Our wide range of available certification programs, including EU marine equipment and statutory type certification, as well as national type approval certificates, can meet your specific certification needs.
  • Our worldwide network of marine experts provides an extensive global reach that delivers unrivaled availability, specific to your geographic location.  

Our offer

Conformity assessment services

Bureau Veritas provides certification services for all materials and equipment covered by classification rules. We perform conformity assessment services on marine equipment—such as life-saving appliances and pollution prevention equipment—listed in various international maritime directives (SOLAS, MARPOL, COLREG, MED). We then issue the special marine “wheel” mark to demonstrate your vessel’s compliance.

Type approval

Bureau Veritas reviews the technical documentation that defines your product type, recommends the appropriate test program, and helps you to obtain your Type Approval Certificate.

Product design assessment

Bureau Veritas verifies that your materials and equipment comply with the product design requirements specified by the relevant technical documentation.  

Individual product manufacturing

Bureau Veritas conducts surveys relating to individual product manufacturing that include witnessing product testing.

Third-party certification services

Bureau Veritas provides third-party certification services for your marine materials and equipment that must meet the requirements of a recognized standard.