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Cruise ships

Growing demand for cruise ships and the opening of new markets is leading to vessels that are larger, and more sophisticated and specialized. Bureau Veritas ensures cruise ship safety as well as comfort, energy efficiency and environmental compliance.

Supersized and luxurious expedition vessels

The market for passenger ships has vastly expanded in the last decade, as luxury and expedition cruises have grown in number and popularity. Ship owners and yards must balance the building and operation of larger, more sophisticated ships with safety and environmental performance. They must also consider comfort and reduced energy consumption. In addition, the popularity of expedition ships for polar adventures has led to the development of dedicated and technically advanced ships able to operate in Arctic waters.

How we support you

Bureau Veritas provides tailor-made services to support vessel compliance with safety and environmental requirements. We help clients minimize cruise ship environmental impact, and achieve energy consumption and cost savings, while increasing passenger comfort and adapting to the specific needs of harbors and shipyards.

MSC Splendida - Cruise Ship Classed by Bureau Veritas


Increasing ship size creates new risks and challenges to be addressed. Bureau Veritas offers risk based analysis related to strength, safety and stability, in addition to alternative design assessments for new construction projects to ensure cruise ship safety. 


Cruise Ship on Sea

restart your business with bv

As cruise ships and ferries restart operations in the second half of 2020, owners must address a range of vessel-specific health, hygiene and safety risks. Restart Your Business with BV provides a standard-based framework for operators, helping them implement key protective measures for passengers, crew, surveyors and onshore personnel. Once an independent audit is performed and compliance with local, national, and international guidelines is demonstrated, vessels receive Bureau Veritas’ globally recognized Safeguard label.

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Bougainville_Delivery_Mars2019-PONANT Icebreaker


Following the IMO Polar Code, Bureau Veritas offers several class notations (e.g., POLAR CAT-A) for passenger ships traveling to the Arctic and Antarctic. Our technical expertise supports the design, construction and operation of vessels in polar waters.


Underwater lounge - Ponant

Providing confidence in innovative features

Innovative onboard features are a popular way to make your vessel more attractive to passengers. With decades of experience, Bureau Veritas can assess new features at the pre-construction stage, and address safety concerns early in the design process.

Case Study: Ponant Icebreaker

MSC Opera Ship Classification - Cruise Ships


In order to reduce emissions, owners are increasingly opting for alternative fuels, including LNG (liquefied natural gas). Bureau Veritas offers a range of notations for alternative fuels and hybrid solutions. Our experts support clients throughout vessel design, construction and operation, and our Gas-Prepared and Electric Hybrid notations allow ship owners to prepare vessels for later fuel conversions and installation of energy storage systems.

Future Marine Fuels: Pathways to decarbonization

Greg-Mortimer-Courtesy-Aurora-Expeditions - First Chinese built Cruise Ship

Cruise market in China

Bureau Veritas offers Chinese yards and owners a strong on-site presence, and the expertise of a large international team. We are also offering training tailored to the needs of our clients (e.g., concerning passenger ship safety). We classed the first newbuild cruise ship delivered by a Chinese shipyard, the expedition cruise vessel Greg Mortimer delivered by CMHI to Sunstone Ships.


+20% Five-year growth in passenger numbers


Cruise ships have advanced immensely thanks to intelligent data and real-time, connected equipment. However, digitalization also presents new challenges to the industry. Sophisticated hackers can breach current security solutions, and as a result, shipping can no longer afford to do ‘business as usual.’ It is time to recognize that cyber security is essential to safety management in shipping and offshore operations.

This is why we provide next-level cyber security services, leveraging our full range of expertise across the maritime industry. With deep knowledge of smart ships, networks, telecommunications and industrial control systems, as well as safety and security of ship operations and ship design, Bureau Veritas offers:

  • Detailed notations, cyber compliance, and practical guidelines for newbuilds and ships in service
  • A global network of leading cybersecurity experts to secure your design and run efficient testing
  • Best-in-class regulation compliance for BIMCO, Flag administration, IACS, ICS, IMO, OCIMF, and more

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