Marine and offshore owners and operators, alongside their supply chain partners, work within an increasingly digital landscape, with greater and greater amounts of data at their disposal. Services can generate hundreds of thousands of data points per second. The need for smart, adapted solutions is thus critical in order to record, organize and interpret information.  

BVCompliance is a digitalized delivery system designed to facilitate asset management activities. By consolidating scheduling, reporting and findings management into one online solution, it can significantly improve data analysis, planning and service delivery while supporting decision making.

Our added value

  • BVCompliance enables all stakeholders easy access to all information by centralizing and prioritizing findings through configuration of client systems
  • It offers an efficient system that supports real-time information exchange, data analytics, dashboard business intelligence, and the ability to set operational targets as well as benchmark assets and facilities
  • The delivery system provides a lean approach through improved activity planning, real-time reporting and validation, cost saving through efficiencies, and reduced administrative burden

Digital integration

Our proven process ensures integration with digital twin tools, IoT* and CMMS*. Planning options are merged directly into our delivery tool, with engineers receiving all relevant information seamlessly.

*IoT: Internet of Things
CMMS: Computerized Maintenance Management System

Planning and scheduling

Through live centralized planning, operators can approve visit workflow and scope, and ensure informed decision making. The planning feature shows compliance status, finding history and maintenance items.

Lee Hunter - Verification & Improvement Manager

Verification & Improvement Manager

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

Asset owners are looking to digitalize their processes as they are presented with ever increasing amounts of data. BVCompliance is an easy-to-use, accessible platform, where users can quickly find the information they need, helping clients make key decisions quickly.

Reporting capabilities

Our reporting feature enables users to run custom, periodic reports. Digital reporting is simplified thanks to pre-determined templates and dropdown menus, combined with the on-hand history of all assets.

Findings management

Findings are created upon activity delivery and, once drafted, are made instantly available to the client’s team. The system displays analytical dashboards, click-through graphics, and custom KPI email alerts based on conclusions.