Digital Efficiency

Digital Efficiency

The first step towards digital excellence

Moving clients to the next stage of their digital journey requires a strong degree of internal efficiency. Ship owners and managers are looking to partner with classification societies whose digital innovation strategies and internal tools can provide efficient, timesaving solutions.

Bureau Veritas’ internal digital tools complement our clients’ systems, providing vessel owners, managers, shipyards, designers and manufacturers with improved turn-around times and quality, and more efficient service delivery. We are optimizing, digitalizing and automating our internal processes, advancing Bureau Veritas’ digital transition. This allows us to provide clients with more efficient, higher quality classification services and a more collaborative approach.  

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore advanced scheduling solutions

Providing advanced scheduling solutions

Bureau Veritas uses internal digital tools such as MyChronos to promptly provide clients with surveyors at the right time. Over 90% of our surveyors connect to MyChronos to manage scheduling. To further respond to client needs, MyChronos is linked to Optimum Survey Planning, enabling clients to request, optimize and track survey planning online, anytime and anywhere. Our experts also use digital tools such as FIT to optimize design review and monitor drawings deadlines.

Surveyor inspecting a ship at port

Mastering surveys from end-to-end

Our surveyors can use digital reporting tools, including the MyJobs mobile application, to get up-to-date information on in-service ships and carry out surveys on board using a digital checklist. These reporting tools offer consistency and efficiency across Bureau Veritas’ network, enabling quicker, higher-quality reporting.

electronic certification

Digitizing class and statutory certificates

Our E-certificates solution allows ship owners, Bureau Veritas experts and interested authorities to easily access and verify class and statutory certificates online. With E-certificates, certification delivery is paperless, quick and secure, allowing ship managers to download and share certificates directly with interested parties.

Surveyor with augmented reality and tablet

Offering clients maximum efficiency

Our suite of internal digital management tools covers technical and management processes from design through to operations, ensuring our surveyors can work quickly and accurately. Thanks to our digital solutions, clients can benefit from faster, more efficient and higher quality service delivery.