Approval explorer

Approval Explorer

A centralized database for approved suppliers and manufacturers

To keep ships compliant from construction through operations, owners need consistent access to products, product manufacturers and approved service suppliers. As ships travel worldwide, owners need to know where to find approved equipment and personnel to survey and service their ships when arriving at port.

Approval Explorer allows ship owners to identify, locate and contact BV-approved product manufacturers and service suppliers around the world. Our digital application provides a powerful search engine that allows clients to save time, ensure product compliance, and have the right service providers on-site for surveys and audits.

An efficient, centralized database

Approval Explorer provides shipyards and designers developing newbuilds with a convenient database of BV-approved products and product manufacturer details. Users can search by manufacturer or equipment type or name, view locations in real-time, access detailed pages for products and manufacturers and find up-to-date contact information.

Locate service suppliers worldwide

Approval Explorer enables ship owners, operators and managers to easily locate approved service suppliers when arriving at port. Users can search by service type, locating suppliers in real-time and accessing the latest information. This is crucial for in-service vessels, allowing ship owners to locate the equipment and expertise required to operate and maintain their ships.

Unlock powerful search capabilities

Approval Explorer’s powerful search engine leverages artificial intelligence technology combined with multiple search criteria and filters.  This enables users to easily search through the database, which includes over 2,000 suppliers and 6,000 manufacturers.