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The Veristar Info client portal provides ship owners and managers with an easy way to monitor the status of their fleet. Available via desktop and a convenient mobile application, it enables users to consult their ship status any time, and identify actions to be performed.

It also provides all documents related to the ship, and the latest class and statutory news to stay informed about new regulations. The mobile app version of the platform offers additional functionalities:  it can be customized to receive notifications for upcoming ship events such as surveys or certificate expirations.

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  • The Veristar Info client portal provides easy access to vessel data and documents
  • It offers a convenient hub for class and statutory news, enabling users to stay up-to-date

  • The mobile app version includes regular, customized push notifications on upcoming class items

  • Clients are also able to plan and visualize milestones and contact Bureau Veritas experts


Veristar Info app


My Veristar enables you to monitor your ships in real time, plan surveys, audits, and class attestations, and contact the relevant person or office within Bureau Veritas for requests or inquiries.

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Stay informed with class and statutory news

The Veristar Info portal provides you with the latest class and statutory news, enabling you to stay up-to-date on new regulations and Rules.

Monitor your fleet at a glance

Use the Veristar Info dashboard to easily identify the ships that require action. You can also subscribe to customizable notifications within the app to anticipate any action needed on your fleet.

Facilitate class & statutory survey scheduling with Optimum Survey Planning

The Optimum Survey Planning feature of Veristar Info offers clients a digital option for survey and audit planning, as an alternative to scheduling by phone or e-mail.
With Optimum Survey Planning, Bureau Veritas can inform you when your vessel is due for a survey or an audit. Based on your ship’s route, our surveyors’ qualifications, availability and location, and the scope of work to be completed, we can then identify the most convenient port for your survey.

Thanks to Optimum Survey Planning’s improved Fleet Info dashboard and notification features, you can track your requests and in doing so simplify your fleet manager’s life, and minimize extra costs and operational delays.

Watch the video to learn more about Optimum Survey Planning


Have access to your documents anytime

Veristar Info contains all class and statutory documents as well as surveys and audits reports. They can be downloaded easily and are updated as soon as a new survey or audit is performed.

Control access to fleet information

Any doubts on who can access your ship’s document? Veristar Info provides you with the option to administrate accounts within your company. You can grant or remove access to a ship in real time without any validation from Bureau Veritas.