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Veristar Info

A convenient hub for fleet monitoring and planning

The Veristar Info client portal provides owners and managers of BV-class vessels an easy way to monitor the status of their fleet. Available via desktop, this convenient digital application enables users to consult their ship status any time and identify actions to be performed.

Veristar Info provides all documents related to the ship, and the latest class and statutory news for staying informed about new regulations. The mobile app version of the platform, My Veristar, offers additional functions, including customized notifications for upcoming ship events, such as surveys or certificate expirations.

  • Gain quick access to vessel data and documentation via the Veristar Info client portal
  • Access a convenient hub for class and statutory news, enabling users to stay up-to-date
  • Plan and visualize milestones in advance and keep in contact with Bureau Veritas experts


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Monitor your fleet at a glance

The Veristar Info dashboard easily identifies the ships that need to undergo survey or audit. The mobile application, My Veristar, allows clients to monitor ships in real time and plan surveys and audits with help from Optimum Survey Planning.

Get the latest class and statutory news

Veristar Info provides you with the latest class and statutory news, enabling you to stay up-to-date on new regulations and Rules. The platform also enables users to contact Bureau Veritas with requests and questions.

Access documents anytime, anywhere

The Veristar Info client portal contains all class and statutory documents, as well as survey and audit reports. Clients can easily download certificates or reports, which are updated as soon as a survey or audit is performed.

Manage account access online

Bureau Veritas clients can use Veristar Info to grant or remove access to ship information to anyone within their company. This can be done in real time and without validation from Bureau Veritas.