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Recognizing the marine industry’s needs

The marine industry is undergoing fundamental transformations that touch the full scope of its activities, from ship design and crew operations to end of life decommissioning.

Emissions and decarbonization

The IMO has adopted a revised Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Strategy, which the common ambition to reach net-zero GHG emissions from international shipping close to 2050. This commitment aims to ensure an uptake of alternative zero and near-zero GHG fuels by 2030. This encourages shipping companies, yards and naval architects and engineers to consider new designs, technologies and operational and technical measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions in line with the IMO’s short-term measures.


At the same time, innovation – particularly in the digital sphere – is inspiring a new generation of vessels and seafarers. Smart and autonomous shipping have the power to change many aspects of the industry – not least in improving operational and energy efficiency. This is a new and complex chapter in shipping’s evolution, which will require different expertise, guidance and knowledge-sharing.

People and collaboration

Finally, the marine industry rests on highly skilled and well-trained crews, and a host of engineers and equipment specialists. These are the people who will enact the changes needed in the coming years. Shipping companies and technology developers require the support of a partner who can facilitate collaboration to bring the right minds together at the right time to shape a better maritime world.

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Ulrik Dan

Chief Commercial Director

Bureau Veritas M&O

As a global industry, the marine sector is vast and extremely diverse. Every ship, every client, has precise and particular requirements and objectives. For nearly 200 years, Bureau Veritas has answered those needs and we endeavor to remain the reliable partner of choice for the marine industry through each new development.

Discover our marine services

Our wide range of marine services have been developed through years of close partnership with the maritime world, designed to answer your needs and evolve as those needs change.


We are a partner of choice for the classification of newbuildings and in-service ships alike. Our rules and guidelines are developed to support your ambitions and help you achieve compliance at each new chapter. Our global network of class surveyors provide you with an effective and agile response all around the world.

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Statutory certification

Bureau Veritas is a Recognized Organization, meaning we act on behalf of over 160 Flag state administrations worldwide to provide a full suite of survey and certification services.

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Materials & equipment certification

We offer materials and equipment certification services for shipyards, suppliers and manufacturers to help ensure their products and systems are safe and reliable for ship owners and yards. 

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Services by ship type

With the most diverse fleet of any class society, we support vessels of all types, sizes and operating profile with tailored expertise.

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Why choose Bureau Veritas marine services?

We’re by your side

Bureau Veritas is the leading Classification society by number of ships, with 11,530 vessels in our classed fleet as of the end of 2022. We take a holistic approach, offering you a complete portfolio of marine services.

We are proud to be a trusted classification partner, providing over 140 technical publications that unite our wealth of industry and regulatory experience and engineering expertise to shape a safer marine industry. Our experience and support covers all needs, from the structural integrity of your vessel, to your energy transition or digitalization journey.

We’re flexible without compromise

We understand that in the maritime industry, technological progress can outstrip regulatory readiness. We help translate existing regulations and our own research into risk into applicable real-world guidelines. We take care that our Rules and guidelines are presented transparently and clearly to keep you moving forward without compromising on safety.

We’re pioneers in safety and performance

Through our collaborative and in-house R&D programs, we are helping the maritime industry move forward in confidence, together. We participate in Joint Innovation Projects (JIPs) and Joint Development Projects (JDPs), believing that these collaborative cross-industry projects are a key driver of progress and knowledge transfer.

Through our Approvals in Principle (AiPs), we support industry progress on all fronts. For shipping, this includes the development of innovative technologies from wind-assisted propulsion systems to new means of harnessing digitalization in shipping and classification.

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