Restart Your Business With BV on Passenger Ships

Restart Your Business With BV: Safeguard for Passenger Ships

As passenger ships restart operations, owners and operators must address a range of vessel-specific health and safety risks. Cruise ships and ferries will need to demonstrate the implementation of key protective measures and compliance with local, national, and international guidelines.  

With our Restart Your Business with BV for Passenger Ships offer, operators gain independent certification of onboard organizational procedures from a major classification society.

Safeguard Label - Restart your business with BV

Ships undergo an audit to determine compliance with globally recognized health, safety, and hygiene best practices as incorporated in NI 673. Owners then receive a certificate for vessel compliance, and can display our SafeGuard label, assuring passengers and guests of the safety of future voyages.

  • Undergo an independent audit performed by surveyors with marine-specific health and safety expertise
  • Receive a complete audit report, based on marine-specific checklists (passenger ships, crew safety, onboard facilities)
  • Earn a certificate of compliance from a classification society to show administrations and business partners that appropriate measures have been taken as recommended in NI 673
  • Showcase BV SafeGuard label to raise passenger and guest confidence
  • Access BV’s global network of surveyors to perform audits quickly and in any location


Manage onboard processes

Our audit ensures that ships have undergone necessary risk assessments and implemented operational measures to prevent, manage, and recover from outbreaks. This includes ensuring crew have been properly trained and that passenger guidance is provided. Our high-level guidelines are based on standards set by IMO, the WHO, the ICS and Interferry, and can be adapted to local regulations worldwide.

Increase safety for personnel and passengers

To improve safety for crew members, passengers, surveyors and shore side personnel, social distancing guidelines must be respected. Our Restart with BV offer certifies conformity to ship-specific health and safety measures, verifying procedures for protecting personnel and managing passenger flow, such as during embarkation and disembarkation.

BV Surveyor checking Hygiene measurements

Reduce risk for onboard facilities

All onboard facilities, including shops, restaurants, bars and leisure areas, are subject to social distancing guidelines. Our audit reviews organizational measures implemented to ensure limited contact and enhance safety, and includes a specific focus on air conditioning systems. Necessary measures do vary depending on facility type and configuration, and certain areas may be closed off entirely.

Implement cleanliness procedures

Based on guidelines defined by the WHO, our audit ensures that measures for maintaining hygienic conditions are in place. These include cleaning services, hand washing routines, changes to air conditioning systems and specific procedures for sanitizing elevators, stairs, restrooms and more.

BV Surveyor checking Hygiene measurements

The future of passenger ships

Beyond certifying organizational measures with our SafeGuard label, Bureau Veritas is exploring technical measures and their implications for ship design. Our goal is to further enhance passenger ship safety and improve vessel resilience to microbiological risks