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Veristar Equipment

Streamlining survey requests for equipment certification

Bureau Veritas is simplifying the equipment certification process with Veristar Equipment, a new digital platform that makes managing survey requests for equipment certification quicker and easier than ever.

The platform enables users to create requests, select certifications, and monitor requests in real-time. With Veristar Equipment, you can get a consolidated view of all survey and certification-related information, and download your certificates directly from the platform, solidifying your company’s reputation for excellence.

Thanks to Veristar Equipment, clients can manage their equipment certification requests online and access all their information anytime, anywhere.

  • Streamline the survey request process to save time, reduce administrative burden and gain project visibility
  • Create and monitor equipment requests in real-time
  • Receive automatic calendar updates and notifications to increase the visibility of the survey process
  • Contact Bureau Veritas directly via Veristar Equipment’s messaging feature
  • Download certificates from the platform as soon as they become available



Submit equipment survey requests quickly and easily

Veristar Equipment allows you to submit equipment survey requests by creating new requests or duplicating previous ones. All you need to do is enter information about survey scope and products; select when and where the survey should take place; upload the necessary documentation; and submit your request.

Keep track of requests and stay in touch

Veristar Equipment’s comprehensive dashboard displays your most recent requests and certificates, allowing you to filter by type, date, and status. The platform also includes a calendar that automatically updates as surveys are approved and scheduled and a messaging tool that allows you to contact Bureau Veritas experts at any time.

Download your certificates directly

The platform notifies you as soon as your certificate has been issued. You can download it directly from the Veristar Equipment portal, freeing you from postal delays and unnecessary paperwork.

Watch this short video to find out how to manage your equipment certification requests using Veristar Equipment.