My Veristar

The key to digital fleet management

Keeping track of fleet documentation, ship status and regulatory requirements is key to maintaining vessel safety and compliance. Going digital provides key support to ship owners and managers looking to have a complete overview of their fleets, anytime and anywhere.

With My Veristar, Bureau Veritas’ mobile application, and desktop platform Veristar Info, clients can monitor their fleets online. Owners can access vessel and survey data and documents, receive class and statutory news updates, and gain customized notifications about class items. This enables ship owners and fleet managers to consolidate essential information, consult ship status at any time, from anywhere, identify and undertake necessary actions.

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Actively monitor your fleet

The easy-to-use My Veristar dashboard allows clients to monitor fleet status in real-time and identify ships that require attention. Owners can also subscribe to customizable notifications within the application, receiving alerts for upcoming events, such as surveys or certificate expirations.

Schedule class and statutory surveys

In combination with Optimum Survey Planning, My Veristar provides a fully digital option for survey and audit planning. Clients can request class attestations, prepare for upcoming inspections and access a directory of Bureau Veritas experts online.

Access complete vessel documentation

My Veristar provides users with documents related to a ship. The mobile application stores all and statutory documents, as well as survey and audit reports. Additionally, new reports are uploaded when a survey or audit is performed. Clients can download documents at any time, and manage access to ship information stored on My Veristar.

Stay informed with class and statutory news

My Veristar is a convenient hub for the latest class and statutory news, enabling clients to stay up-to-date on new regulations and Rules. Clients can use the platform to contact Bureau Veritas experts for requests or inquiries, helping their fleets remain compliant with all relevant requirements.

Control access to fleet information

Clients can use My Veristar to personally manage access to fleet information for their personnel. Authorized administrators can determine who can see which data within their organization, granting and removing access in real-time, without requiring permission from Bureau Veritas.