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As the ferry market continues to grow, vessels of all sizes must comply with safety and environmental protection standards, while improving passenger experience and optimizing cargo operation.

Green support and design safety for ferries

Many shipyards that have traditionally been involved in roll-on/roll-off passenger (RoPax) ferry building have full order books, and ship owners are turning to China and other countries for new construction projects.

Energy efficiency and improved environmental performance have become top priorities, in order to reduce operational costs and meet stricter environmental regulations.  This drive for compliance, combined with a desire to optimize cargo space and improve passenger experience through innovation, has led to unconventional passenger ship designs, which require plan approval.       

How we support you

Bureau Veritas has a long history of working with shipyards and vessel owners worldwide. As a market leader in LNG-fueled RoPax ships, our engineers can provide vessel assessments, design approval, and retrofitting expertise.  Moreover, through our statutory certification services, we support compliance with USCG passenger vessel regulations applicable to ships visiting the USA.

Blue Star Ferries - Classed by Bureau Veritas


Passenger ship safety is a priority for owners. A leader in classification, Bureau Veritas’ Rules cover ferries of all kind. Our expertise covers large and small ferries, double-ended ferries, roll on roll off ferries, and luxury cruise ferries. We are a proud member of the INTERFERRY association.

Cruise Ship on Sea

restart your business with bv

As cruise ships and ferries restart operations in the second half of 2020, owners must address a range of vessel-specific health, hygiene and safety risks. Restart Your Business with BV provides a standard-based framework for operators, helping them implement key protective measures for passengers, crew, surveyors and onshore personnel. Once an independent audit is performed and compliance with local, national, and international guidelines is demonstrated, vessels receive Bureau Veritas’ globally recognized Safeguard label.

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Presence in Asian shipyards

With Chinese shipyards available for newbuilding projects, many passenger ship owners are placing orders. Bureau Veritas has a long history of working with Chinese yards, as well as the necessary expertise and on-site management skills to assure vessels are properly designed and outfitted.

Passenger Ships - Ferries - ice class ship classification

Specialized notations

Bureau Veritas offers notations for dangerous cargo, aided by our state-of-the-art assessment software, Veristar Dangerous Goods and Bulk. Comfort notations are increasingly popular, especially for luxury cruise ferries. To help clients demonstrate regulatory compliance, Bureau Veritas provides multiple environmental notations, including CLEANSHIP and EU Green Passport.

Hybrid Ferry - Seaspan classed by  Bureau Veritas

LNG and Hybrid propulsion 

As environmental regulations around the world are tightening, notably in Europe and Asia, vessel owners are increasingly adopting LNG and hybrid/electric propulsion concepts. Bureau Veritas helps RoPax ship owners comply with SECA and ECA standards, supporting retrofits of older ships and performing risk assessment studies for LNG propulsion and bunkering operations.

ERS - Emergency Response Service Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore


In case of incident, Bureau Veritas’ Emergency Response Services (ERS) provides immediate technical assistance to vessels in distress. We perform rapid damage-stability calculations and structural-integrity assessment services to determine the most effective rescue measures.


Real-time, connected equipment and intelligent data have become some of shipping’s most valuable assets. While such digitalization has been a game changer for ferry operations, it has also presented new challenges. As technology has advanced, cyber-attacks and hackers have become highly sophisticated, posing a real threat to safety in shipping and offshore operations.

At Bureau Veritas, we know that cyber security is integral to shipping and offshore safety. With this understanding, we provide world-class cyber security services, leveraging our expertise in networks, telecommunications, smart ships, industrial control systems, and safety and security of ship operations and ship design. Here is how we do it:

  • Detailed notations and practical guidelines for both ships in service and newbuilds
  • A worldwide network of leading cybersecurity experts to secure your design and run efficient testing
  • Leading regulation compliance services for IMO, Flag administration, IACS, OCIMF, BIMCO, ICS, and more

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