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We're by Your Side

We understand the challenges you face in designing, building, and operating a truly sustainable maritime business. At Bureau Veritas, each and every one of us is by your side to help you navigate your decarbonization journey. Supporting you with practical advice, tools, and technology for you to make the right decisions for your business.

From initial concept to design review and from plan approval to construction, we’re by your side to ensure your assets are designed and built to the rules and regulations, using the latest digital tools and technology.

Then, throughout the operation of your asset to eventual responsible recycling we’re by your side - our technical services teams can guide you with compliance, new legislation and decarbonization pathways, providing the very best advice and support.

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore is a trusted partner you can rely on to help you make better decisions, improve the performance of your fleet and work with you to shape a better maritime world.

We're by Your Side

  • Iulia Scutaru

    Plan Approval Surveyor, Netherlands

    Iulia Scutaru, Plan Approval Surveyor, Netherlands

    “We are by your side, in my opinion means communication, trust, and a good relationship with the client. Our role in Bureau Veritas brings the value to the client through communication and trust so that all the rules and regulations are achieved, and both parties are satisfied and pleased.”

  • Arnold Leong

    Marine Business Manager, Singapore

    Arnold Leong, Marine Business Manager, Singapore

    “What motivates me most as a client facing role in BV is to demonstrate value to our clients and help them, working with them to assist them in whatever they need. We are working with them on large investment decisions, doing the analysis and help them with better decision making for their business.”

  • Syed Ashraf

    Marine Surveyor, USA

    Syed Ashraf, Marine Surveyor, USA

    “Being by our clients’ side for me is to provide the best possible value for our clients, providing them with the best services in a timely manner so that their business never stops.”

  • Nina Beekmann

    Environmental Compliance Engineer, Netherlands

    Nina Beekmann, Environmental Compliance Engineer, Netherlands

    “Being by your side means for me that we encourage the clients to be a part of a greener way of shipping and encourage them to be part of the solution.”

Shaping a better maritime world

We share your drive to leave the maritime world in a better place than we found it. It’s what unites us, our passion for the oceans and our desire to not just protect our seas, but to shape a better maritime world for future generations.