Subsea Solutions

Operating in deep water presents additional risks compare to shallow water as production has to rely on complex field architectures that are composed of subsea equipment difficult to inspect and maintain.
To reduce risks and operating costs, and to ensure production targets are achievable, Bureau Veritas has developed a large set of competencies to accompany operators, manufacturers and engineering throughout all steps of subsea developments. From certification of complete subsea field to qualification and performance validation of innovative solutions, we help our clients bringing products to market and ensure asset owners avoid damage to their units and reputation.   

Deep offshore projects depend on ultra-reliable subsea systems. Experienced independent oversight and control of the design and architecture choices, equipment and materials procurement, construction, installation, maintenance and decommissioning are vital. In addition, as modern subsea projects are developed to handle increasingly profound depths and operate ever farther from shore at acceptable costs, companies are investing in developing new technologies that have to be first fully proven and qualified to be broadly accepted by the industry.

  • Our industry-leading subsea solutions ensure safety and performance for oil majors
  • Our in-depth knowledge of deepwater technologies helps you access otherwise unreachable gas reserves
  • Our team of highly qualified subsea experts helps you manage risk and maintain availability throughout the lifecycle
  • Our extensive experience creating certification programs for subsea projects enables companies to de-risk and commercialize deepwater technologies

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Qualification of new technology

Bureau Veritas provides Approvals in Principle and qualification of a wide range of new technologies, from subsea pumps or injection systems, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to buoyancy modules and flexibles. We perform design reviews and attend laboratory or full scale tests to finally recommend product improvements and validate the technology. Once the product is mature enough, we issue Type Approval certificates that demonstrate your products’ reliability, allowing you to de-risk and commercialize the work.

Subsea assets certification

Bureau Veritas designs certification programs specific to your subsea projects. We type-certify subsea equipment produced in series to ensure your project’s conformity with international standards for safety and reliability. Type certificate can be used by our client to promote their products and reduce workload and costs during project certification phase by focusing only on requirements added by the field operator.

Asset integrity throughout the lifecycle

Bureau Veritas provides services throughout the life of subsea assets. From risk assessment to risk-based inspection program, Bureau Veritas assists you in identifying, assessing and controlling risks that could impact your assets, crew, image or the environment. As project economics are one of the main concerns of our clients, we conduct Reliability, Availability and Maintainability analyses to optimize the availability of your overall subsea developments. 


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Our aim is to become a reference by benefiting from Bureau Veritas in-depth oil and gas industry knowledge and worldwide presence for the certification of our mooring and hull integrity monitoring and inspection solutions.