IMO GHG emissions priority


A suite of green services for marine environment protection and decarbonization

Nearly 75% of our planet is covered in water, and an estimated 80% of all life on earth is found beneath our oceans. These numbers reveal something striking about the maritime industry: our biggest stakeholder is the sea itself. 

As a classification society, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore works with industry players across the maritime industry, from offshore operators, to ship owners, to port authorities. We are committed to reducing our industry’s environmental impact, supporting stakeholders through their unique sustainability journey. We help clients comply with environmental regulations, implement green solutions onboard, measure decarbonization progress, and more.


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    Our suite of services is available to clients worldwide and all across the maritime value chain, helping you answer :

    What is the next step of your sustainability journey?

    As a Business to Business to Society services company, Bureau Veritas is committed to embedding sustainability into our strategy and across our businesses. Our BV Green Line of services & solutions empowers organizations to implement, measure and achieve their sustainability objectives. 

    For the marine and offshore industry, the BV Green Line helps ensure:

    • Development and implementation of rules for new fuels
    • Sustainable origins of alternative fuels
    • LNG expertise and project support
    • Electrification of sea-going vessels
    • Development of infrastructure for new fuels
    • Onshore & offshore wind lifecycle solutions
    • Engineering services for sustainability performance
    • Green construction at shipyards
    • Maritime pollution prevention
    • Responsible fishing practices
    • Safety of crew and passengers
    • Onboard health, safety and hygiene protocols