What do you need to move forward?

What do you need to move forward?

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Gas fueled shipping


Gas fueled ships for cleaner shipping

  • We are honored to have received JEC Marine Innovation Award at #JECAsia 2018 for the "FabHeli" #composite propeller alongside with our partners. ( DGA, Meca, Naval Group, LoireTech, and AML) #maritime #shipsandshipping #innovation

  • Discover more about Bureau Veritas Solutions - Marine & Offshore services here: https://t.co/GHiolfL0nm #Risk #offshore #innovation #bvsolutions

  • To maximize profitability, owners need to adopt a proactive approach by managing asset risk & achieving the optimum trade-off between asset availability & integrity Bureau Veritas Solutions M&O offers studies to identify, quantify & understand risks related to your offshore asset