Offshore Validation & Verification

Offshore Validation & Verification

Depending on location, today’s offshore projects may require either validation or verification to secure and maintain a license to operate. This may be required to satisfy local legislation or company best practice.  
Bureau Veritas acts as the independent body to establish that safety critical systems at offshore facilities have been designed, constructed, and installed to protect the health and safety of people in or near the facility. Verification by an Independent Verification Body (IVB) confirms a facility’s equipment and systems minimize risks to health and safety throughout their lifecycle and that the appropriate assurance processes are in place.

Offshore assets must meet international regulatory requirements or risk lengthy disruptions to their operation. Validation and Verification each provide a license to operate, but are used in different regulatory contexts. To obtain Validation, Australian asset owners must demonstrate they have applied the right standards to address Safety Critical Elements for new or existing projects. Verification is used worldwide to check application of standards, with Independent Verification Bodies used particularly to comply with Safety Case Regimes, notably as part of EU Safety Directives in European projects. Where local legislation is not in place, more and more operators still deploy Verification as best practice.

  • Our in-depth knowledge of regulations assures offshore facilities comply with rigorous standards;
  • Bureau Veritas offers extensive experience in defining performance standards and developing Safety Case compliance verification programs;

  • Our expertise allows us to determine the proper design standards for Validation of Australian offshore units;

  • Our hazard identification and risk assessment skills reduce risk to your crew and equipment while extending your facility’s operating life.  

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Validation and design assessment

Under Australian regulations, offshore units require Validation to determine if proper design standards have been applied. A leader in the offshore industry, Bureau Veritas provides comprehensive Validation services for a range of clients and facilities.  

IVB leadership

Bureau Veritas leverages state-of-the-art digital tools to assess the design, construction, and installation of your offshore facility, as well as its equipment and systems. We provide IVB services to many of the oil majors operating in the North Sea. Our new digital system for IVB compliance offers a holistic approach to assessment, allowing Bureau Veritas to offer cutting edge verification services.

Verification management

Bureau Veritas manages the verification of equipment and systems on an ongoing basis to achieve compliance and continuous improvement. Increased unit safety enables asset owners to ensure the health and safety of their staff and units.       

Assessment training

Bureau Veritas offers a range of verification courses at our Aberdeen Academy, a recognized center of excellence for IVB. Our experts can also travel to the site of your choosing, and new e-learning opportunities provide training programs at your convenience.


Over 30years of experience providing independent validation and verification services to the offshore industry
In excess of 1,500hours of assessment training conducted at our Aberdeen Academy, a center of excellence in IVB
Over 100worldwide Bureau Veritas experts specializing in offshore validation and verification services