IVB +Class

IVB + Class

Bureau Veritas helps its Offshore clients confirm that their units are designed, constructed and operated in a manner fit for their intended purpose. Our combined classification and independent and risk based verification approach supports operators in terms of compliance, safety, efficiency and environmental performance.

Our added value

  • Bureau Veritas’ multi-skilled experts can seamlessly execute combined classification and verification services
  • We leverage our global network to place resources in the key client locations where initial and ongoing suitability assessments are executed
  • Thanks to our deep experience, we provide classification, verification and risk & safety expertise for all floating asset types

Depending on our clients’ needs, we can perform standalone independent verification body (IVB) services, or we can combine verification with classification.

Stronger through a combined approach

Our combined verification and classification approach utilizes the features of both of our services to maximize our clients’ return on investment and streamline the entire verification and classification process. Along with greater efficiencies and cost benefits, this approach involves closer collaboration between teams. This, in turn, leads to more informed decision making and increased positive information exchanges.

For classed units, the requirements to achieve classification can provide valuable input needed to determine both qualitative and quantitative performance standards.

Dawn Robertson

Global Strategic Sales Director

Global Services Marine & Offshore

Our combined IVB and classification approach not only saves our clients time and reduces cost. It also enables better collaboration and mutual learning between teams. This translates into safer, more efficient assets that meet compliance standards.

Leveraging classification requirements

Classification is based on prescriptive rules that implicitly consider risk aspects and incorporate risk mitigation principles. By providing both IVB and classification services, we can use this important data to demonstrate the adequacy of a unit’s marine systems.

Classification requirements can be used directly, or they can contribute to the definition of performance standards. Applied to key structures and systems, they can play an important role in helping ensure an offshore unit’s safety and integrity.

Documents issued and managed through the classification process can also constitute a valuable resource while regulatory compliance activities are being performed.

Finally, we can take advantage of safety case regulations, which stipulate that the safety case must be updated every 5 years—the same timeline for class renewal.

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