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Cyber security for suppliers


Ensuring ship cyber security risk protection for onboard equipment, solutions and services

Managing ship cyber security risk begins long before a vessel is built. Ship owners must be assured that the connected equipment and systems that will be integrated onboard their vessels are sufficiently protected before design and construction start.

For equipment manufacturers and providers of cyber solutions and services, this means ensuring that products have been designed in accordance with the highest standards for ship cyber security. To help manufacturers and providers prove their due diligence, Bureau Veritas offers Type Approval Certificates for connected systems and onboard equipment, solutions and services.


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Key Benefits

  • Prove that design for products (e.g., onboard equipment, solutions, services) has been carried out in accordance with stringent cyber security requirements
  • Ensure that technology meets the latest standards for cyber safety and security
  • Earn a Type Approval Certificate from a recognized classification society

Earning a Type Approval Certificate for ship cyber security

Bureau Veritas provides Type Approval Certificates to manufacturers and solutions providers whose technologies meet stringent cyber security requirements.

Type Approval Certified products are considered secure by design, and their compliance with Bureau Veritas’ NR 659 Rules on Cyber Security has been tested. These certificates help reassure the clients of manufacturers and solutions providers that their onboard equipment, solutions and services are truly cyber resilient and comply with IACS UR E27, which enters into force on Jan 1st 2024.