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PSC Ready 

The self-check route to compliance

Port State Control (PSC) is an international inspection regime by which ports determine foreign ships’ compliance with international conventions.

To facilitate this process, Bureau Veritas created PSC Ready, a free web and mobile app that helps ship owners and managers prepare for PSC inspections. Our user-friendly, self-check route to compliance allows ship operators to manage vessel inspection and address potential PSC vulnerabilities. This reduces the risk of detention and saving ship operators’ time and money.

  • PSC Ready is an easy-to-use digital app that ensures a vessel’s condition, equipment, and operations meet statutory requirements around the world
  • PSC Ready develops your crew’s knowledge of safety, environmental standards, and operational regulations
  • Users are trained in the detection, correction, and prevention of deficiencies, reducing the risk of vessel detention

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    Comprehensive inspection management

    Bureau Veritas’ PSC Ready platform enables clients to seamlessly self-check all vessels in preparation for PSC inspection. Clients can plan onboard inspections, customize and monitor the assessment process, launch follow-ups, and track corrective actions.

    Access to the latest data

    PSC Ready keeps ship owners and managers up-to-date on all things PSC, providing users in-app access to the latest statistics, data, and information on new campaigns. Our interconnected system also allows you to share information across your fleet, keeping all vessels updated.

    Share inspection data easily and securely

    PSC Ready’s cloud-based technology allows for the secure sharing of inspection records, performance, and analysis across fleets. Because connectivity can be unreliable onboard, PSC Ready also offers a “check offline, report online” functionality for offshore vessels, allowing the app to be used under any conditions.