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Veristar Project Management

An integrated, web-based, collaborative tool for project management

Veristar Project Management was the first platform of its kind: an integrated, web-based, collaborative tool for project management. Over the years, our digital team has remained at the forefront of innovation, updating Veristar Project Management to respond to our clients’ needs, and creating a comprehensive tool unmatched by our competitors.
A single collaborative platform, Veristar Project Management covers all classification activities, including equipment and material certification, surveys at yard, and surveys of vessels in service. To further improve client experience, we are developing Veristar Project Management 4.0, which will have the added benefit of providing 3D drawing approval.

Efficient and accessible platform

Veristar Project Management improves the efficiency of all Bureau Veritas classification services. For each project, the system automatically identifies necessary actions for each project manager assigned to the project. Veristar Project Management provides transparency to clients, allowing them to track their newbuilding progress, download approved drawings, and view comment reports.

Powerful analytics and review

The Veristar Project Management platform identifies all surveys and actions to be carried out, as well as setting up KPIs to control drawing approval delays, anticipate workload and adjust drawing assignments. All drawings submitted are identified by reference and approval status.

Collaborative workspace

With Veristar Project Management, information about any project is available to all parties, and is updated in real-time. Everyone involved can access project organization information, including: contact information, status reports, approved drawings, Plan Approval comments and replies, equipment certificates, as well as inspection and testing plans and procedures.

System Synchronization

Veristar Project management can be synchronized with your ERP and computerized Document Management System. This allows any information uploaded to your system to be automatically available in Veristar Project Management and vice-versa.

VPM 4.0

Veristar Project Management is looking towards the future with the development of VPM 4.0. Upcoming changes to the app will include the ability to review 3D plans for classification purposes, online and offline functionalities, synchronization with shipyard and shipowners ERP, along with new analytics and dashboards.