Optimum Survey Planning

Optimum survey planning

A convenient tool for scheduling surveys and audits

Scheduling surveys and audits is mandatory for maintaining ships’ compliance and safety. However, determining the optimal time and place for a survey presents challenges for owners and operators, including limiting service disruptions, minimizing costs and organizing multiple surveys.

Optimum Survey Planning, one of Bureau Veritas’ innovative digital solutions, lets ship owners digitally request and monitor class and statutory surveys and ISM/ISPS/MLC audits. The application’s advanced algorithm can then optimize the search for the right port and date, accounting for survey scope, ship status and location and surveyor availability.

Clients can track survey progress to expedite survey planning, while limiting operational downtime, facilitating fleet managers’ tasks and ensuring vessels undergo survey for the complete scope of necessary work.

Optimizing survey planning – digitally 

Optimum Survey Planning is a key step on ship owners’ and fleet managers’ journey to digital efficiency. The platform is available through the “Survey request” module of Veristar Info, and is free and accessible for all Bureau Veritas clients, anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Planning your survey at the right time

Optimum Survey Planning can suggest survey dates to clients, using the latest information on ship status to determine when vessels are due for survey or audit. Owners can confirm requests online, receive email notifications throughout the process and gain a final, comprehensive report once the survey is complete. This allows ship owners and fleet managers to ensure vessels undergo survey at the right time, and receive the information they need.

Choosing the right place for your survey

Ship owners and operators can also opt to have Optimum Survey Planning suggest survey locations. Owners can manually enter ship routing data, or the app can approximate their route thanks to Bureau Veritas’ partnership with CLS, a provider of satellite-based solutions for vessel monitoring.

Our algorithm analyzes each potential stop to identify the recommended port(s), accounting for distance, stop duration, surveyor availability and more. This helps owners minimize travel and overhead costs, and limit disruptions to ship activity.