Mooring integrity

Mooring Integrity

Bureau Veritas’ Research and Development (R&D) teams are committed to helping our clients find more efficient ways to monitor and assess the mooring systems of their assets. Through our work, we have been able to develop sophisticated in-house software that can be used to model mooring lines and simulate their integrity over time.

As offshore wind farms grow in size and number, this investigation and monitoring work is increasingly vital. With our extensive background in assessing mooring designs for the offshore oil and gas industry, we are now helping new renewable energy installations scale up and play their role in the energy transition. 


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our projects


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Monamoor is a four-year project led by Ifremer and France Energies Marines. It aims to monitor and model how polyamide rope behaves in mooring applications for floating offshore wind.

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Monimoor is a Joint Industry Project (JIP) lead by MARIN. Its goal is to develop a framework to manage and monitor the mooring integrity of floating wind turbines to improve safety and efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

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The Mooring Integrity User Group is a forum of exchange between operators, Class Societies and engineers to share experience and build up industry knowledge on mooring systems.


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Bureau Veritas has partnered with Eolink on the component certification of their pre-commercial 5MW floating offshore wind turbines.


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The LifeLine Group follows on from a JIP to support the practical application of the outcome technology in the field. An onboard software can provide real-time feedback on the health of FPSO mooring lines and thus help extend their use.

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Our Software


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ARIANE is our in-house software for mooring simulations. It is especially focused on offshore oil & gas industry requirements, and has been developed for greater efficiency using simplified assumptions such as catenary lines models. Offloading operations, including side-by-side configurations, can also be simulated.

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OPERA is our in-house simulation software for moorings and operations at sea, currently under development. OPERA can run complex simulations, including kinematic constrains and beam or lines dynamic behaviors.