Rules and regulations 

Technical Bulletin 2007


Setting and maintaining clear rules, and the ability to update those to cope with feedback in use, is the primary aim of a classification society. But it is also vital that different class societies understand that industry and safety both benefit if major class societies work to common rules, and also have a good understanding of the experience of each different classification society when applying their own rules. The papers in this section examine the development and maintenance of common rules, and also look at experience in other areas such as warships and vibration control.


articles authors

Classification of Military Ships the French Experience

Yves Le Gal, Vice-admiral Emmanuel Desclèves

CADET - IT Support for Joint Naval Shipbuilding Projects

P. Renard

Overview of Comfort Criteria for Vibration Assessment Proposed by ISO 6954 and Different Classification Societies

K. Savreux , S. Crouzet, C. Andreau

The Development, Implementation and Maintenance of IACS Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers

G. Horn, P. Baumans