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At Bureau Veritas, safety is an Absolute. Our aim is to protect crews, assets and the environment. This is a sensibility we aim to spread throughout the marine and offshore industry with our Rules, facilitated in part by our Research and Development (R&D) projects.

The maritime world is inherently full of risk – but our R&D projects, both in-house and in collaboration with other stakeholders – aim to assess and address them to improve safety. Our projects include improving fire safety and assessing and mitigating risk for alternatively fueled ships.


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Our Projects


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The Lash Fire project is an EU-backed endeavor to greatly enhance fire prevention and ensure independent management of fires on ro-ro vessels. One of the ambitions of the project is to provide a technical basis for future revisions of IMO regulations. The four-year study has united 27 partners from 13 EU countries.

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CARGOSAFE, a study commissioned by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), aims to investigate cost-effective technical solutions for cargo fires onboard container vessels. The recommendations from the study are expected to contribute to the ongoing work of the technical bodies within the IMO.

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