Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore provides a large variety of software solutions enabling you to comply with regulatory requirements and optimize your unit’s design.


Our solutions help clients reduce costs in both the design and operational phases. Our software is the result of Bureau Veritas’ research activity, which prizes a constant focus on providing user-friendly tools. All of our major software programs are connected to rules (IACS, BV Rules, etc.), regulations or industrial standards, and can be used for various marine and offshore projects. Our programs are supported by teams of experienced developers and engineers who use the software daily. Local technical teams are available around the world to provide you with convenient, individualized services.

Structural design and rules analysis

  • Bulk
    Our Bulk software ensures that the structural strength of transverse bulkheads and double bottoms for bulk carriers comply with the relevant IACS Unified Requirements. 
    Discover Bulk software
  • BVlash
    BVLASH ensures that the lashing arrangement of our clients’ vessels complies with all relevant provisions of the CSS IMO Code.
    Discover BVLash software
  • ComposeIT
    ComposeIT allows the detailed strength analysis of composite panels or stiffeners for the yachting industry.
    Discover Compose IT software
  • MARS 2000
    MARS 2000 evaluates the structure of vessels by checking all structural members of cross-sections or transverse bulkheads.
    Discover Mars 2000 software
    MARS Inland supports the structural strength of inland navigation vessels by assessing their cross-sections and transverse bulkheads. 
    Discover Mars Inland software
  • MARS NG - Container Ships
    MARS NG software improves the technical performance of container ships by assessing hull girder strength and scantlings.
    Discover Mars NG software
    Our Marspeed software improves the design of High Speed Craft plating for monohull and multihull design of all material combinations. 
    Discover Marspeed software
  • StarBoat
    StarBoat performs comprehensive structural assessments of small cargo and non-cargo ships with regards to the latest regulatory requirements.
    Discover StarBoat software
  • Steel Coil
    Our Steel Coil software ensures clients’ assets are compliant with the relevant industry standards for steel coil loadings.
    Discover Steel Coil software
  • Veristar Hull
    Veristar Hull performs strength, stress, and fatigue assessments to ensure safe performance throughout an asset’s lifecycle.
    Discover Veristar Hull software
  • Veristar Lashing
    Veristar Lashing conducts assessments of complex lashing configurations, to ensure the safety of containers stowed on exposed decks.
    Discover Veristar Lashing software

Structural direct analysis

  • Homer
    Homer assesses structural responses of vessels in the face of different wave conditions, enabling users to target improved structural integrity.
    Discover Homer software
  • Steel
    Our interactive Steel software is optimized to perform 3D-beam analyses on units of all kinds, taking into account a range of deformations, local forces, moments and stresses.
    Discover Steel software
  • Veristar Complete ship model
    Veristar Complete Ship Model assesses a vessel’s structure using a powerful finite element analysis combined with load calculations.
    Discover Veristar Complete ship model software

Seakeeping and mooring analysis

  • Ariane
    Ariane enables highly accurate analyses of mooring systems of all types and sizes.
    Discover Ariane software
  • Hydrostar
    Hydrostar is an advanced hydrodynamic software that allows clients to improve the technical performance of their assets.
    Discover Hydrostar software

Stability analysis

Propulsion and shaft alignment analysis

  • LIRA
    LIRA’s shaft alignment capabilities allow clients to optimize their vessels’ shaft line performance, accounting for a range of operating conditions.
    Discover LIRA software
  • Rudder
    Our Rudder software performs numerous calculations to determine rudder scantlings to meet classification requirements.
    Discover Rudder software

Low Sulphur fuel oil analysis

  • LSFO
    Our Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Analysis program allows ship owners and operators to optimize fuel transition when entering SECAs. 
    Discover LSFO software




How to order software

Our software can be delivered with several types of licenses (perpetual, yearly renewable, fixed term), including network or node-locked options.

If you are interested in ordering software, obtaining a trial version, or any other information, please contact: