Offshore engineering & mooring
Technical Bulletin 2009


Seven detailed papers examine aspects of asset integrity management, fatigue in offshore units, ice interaction, applications for numerical modelling and modelling of moorings.


Asset Integrity Management System for Ships and Offshore Units Hull Maintenance

Philippe Renard

Methodologies and Tools for Fatigue Life Assessment: Integrated Approach to Design an Offshore Floating Unit

Mathieu Bargues, François-Xavier Sireta

Iceberg collision with offshore unit

Z. Mravak, D. Coache, J. de Lauzon, A. Dudal, S. Rudan,V. Tryaskin

Added Value from the Numerical Assessment of Converted and New-Built Floating Units

Jose Esteve & Taco Terpstra

Consistent Integrity of Mooring System

Cedric Morandini, Franck Legerstee

Fatigue analysis of an FPSO under operational sea states with multimodal spectral

Z. Guede, M. Olagnon, H. Pineau, M. François, V. Quiniou

Semi-Empirical Modeling for Seawater Corrosion of Wire Rope

E. Fontaine, R. Armstrong, A. Pott, R.E. Melchers, C.R. Chaplin, M. François