Hydrodynamics and hydro-structure

Technical Bulletin 2008


A detailed understanding of hydrodynamics and the response of complex structures to liquid forces is at the heart of our ability to ensure ever larger and more complex structures are both safe and efficient.  The papers grouped in this section headline the challenges faced by hydrodynamic researchers, and the advances made. Special reference is made to advances in understanding elastic behavior, particularly for large container ships and to dynamic coupling between vessel and tank liquid and between vessel and offshore unit structure and external fluid loads.


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Computations of low-frequency wave loading

X.B. Chen & F. Rezende

Simulation of second-order roll motions of a FPSO

Flavia Rezende, Xiao-Bo Chen & Marcos D. Ferreira

Consistent hydro-structure interface for evaluation of global structural responses in linear seakeeping

Sime Malenica, Estelle Stumpf, François-Xavier Sireta, Xiao-Bo Chen

Effects on sloshing pressure due to the coupling between seakeeping and tank liquid motion

Louis Diebold, Eric Baudin, Jacqueline Henry & Mirela Zalar

Steep wave impact onto a complex 3D structure

Ten I., Korobkin A., Malenica •S., De Lauzon J. & Mravak Z.

Second-order wave loads on a LNG carrier in multi-directional waves

Mathieu Renaud, Flavia Rezende, Olaf Waals, Xiao-bo Chen, Radboud van Dijk

Diffraction and radiation with the effect of bathymetric variations

G. De Hauteclocque, F Rezende and XB Chen, ICHD 2008

Three-dimensional hydro-elastic Wagner impact using variational inequalities

T Gazzola and J De Lauzon

Some aspects of 3D linear hydroelastic models of springing

S Malenica, JT Tuitman, F Bigot and FX Sireta

Advanced computations of mooring systems

C Brun, D Coache and F Rezende

3DFEM-3DBEM model for springing and whipping analyses of ships

S.Malenica & J.T.Tuitman

Fluid-structure interaction modeling, relating to membrane LNG ship cargo containment system

W. S. Kim, B. J. Noh, H. Lee, Z. Mravak, J. de Lauzon, J. R. Maguire, D. Radosavljevic, S. H. Kwon, J. Y. Chung

Hydroelastic aspects of large container ships

Ivo Senjanovic, Šime Malenica, Stipe Tomaševic, Marko Tomic

Some aspects of whipping response of container ships

J Tuitman and S. Malenica

A comprehensive and practical strength assessment methodology for container ships taking into account non-linear and hydro-elastic loading

G. de Jong and M. Huther