Naval Ships

Navies and governments around the world demand efficient, resilient ships for their fleets. With Bureau Veritas’ expertise, your ships can meet international standards of safety and performance.

Leadership in safety design for Navies

Naval ship operations often require specialized equipment and unique ship layouts. Specific and rigorous safety standards are regularly updated, and Navies cannot risk falling behind. Construction quality is of the utmost important and classification allows a better protection of the Navy liability in case of accident. Above all, the safety of crew members creates a need for optimized ship design and thorough review of vessels during the construction phase.

Bureau Veritas supports Navies with dedicated classification Rules based on our experience across the wider shipping industry. We help you reconcile military specifications with safety objectives via design review and technical assessment of your vessels.

Ocean Eagle - Naval Ships - Classed by Bureau Veritas

Classification for a wide range of ships

From patrol vessels to submarines to combat ships, Bureau Veritas has the expertise to ensure that your vessel’s design meets recognized standards. Our history of naval work allows us to manage the construction quality and cost efficiency of a range of vessels, including older models.   


Safety for conventional submarines

The top priority for submarines is the prevention of sinking and human casualties. To avoid incidents, submarines require evacuation protocols and the capacity to safely return to the surface. Bureau Veritas’ rules for naval submarines are internationally recognized, and cover navigation, stability, pressure hull, propulsion and energy, as well as health and safety systems.  


Enabling transfer of technology

Bureau Veritas’ international presence allows for the transfer of knowledge from the original yard where a vessel was first constructed, directly to your shipyard. We bring the best in international design and innovation to your vessels. 

Cyber-Visual-SMA Cyber

Addressing cyber security 

Naval ships’ strategic importance makes them clear targets for data hacking and theft. The digital security of your ships is paramount, and Bureau Veritas has developed a series of notations concerning the safeguard of your equipment and onboard systems from malicious attacks.

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