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NR483 Rules for the classification of naval ships

These Rules are applicable to seagoing surface naval ships and detail the requirements for the assignment and maintenance of Bureau Veritas classification of ships.

BV Rules for the Classification of Naval Ships consist of the following documents:

Reference Contents Edition

NR483 A1 R02

Part A – Classification and Surveys

June 2017

NR483 B1 R02

Part B - Hull and Stability

June 2017

NR483 C1 R02

Part C - Machinery, Systems and Fire protection

June 2017

NR483 D1 R02

Part D - Services Notations

June 2017

NR483 E1 R02

Part E -  Additional Class Notations

June 2017

Other Bureau Veritas technical documents are available for free download through the Full list of Bureau Veritas Rules, Rule Notes and Guidance Notes.

Notes: Bureau Veritas may at any time issue corrigenda for any published Rules or Guidance Notes to address errors in the printed and/or electronic editions.

Naval Ships


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