2D ship structural assessment software

Release Date

Version Number 3.0f

MARS software family is the main Bureau Veritas suite for application of Structural Rules for Classification of Steel Ships.

Software of MARS family may be used to perform the following assessments:

  • Calculation of geometric properties
  • Hull Girder Strength and Ultimate Strength criteria
  • Local strength criteria of plates and ordinary stiffeners:
    - Yielding
    - Buckling
    - Fatigue
    - Minimum thickness
  •  Assessment of transverse cross‐sections and transverse bulkheads throughout ship length

Advantages and key features of MARSPEED:

  • Easy modelling
  • Powerful consistency and error checking
  • Fast calculations
  • One‐click access to detailed results for deeper analysis
  • User‐friendly and intuitive interface

MARSPEED is available for the latest edition of the following sets of Rules :

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