Veristar Stability

Veristar Stability Software
Intact and damage calculation

Release Date

Version Number2.3.3069

Veristar Stability is a three-dimensional program intended to calculate intact and damage stability together with longitudinal strength. It includes a user-friendly interface and the most advanced graphic interactive methods. 

VeriSTAR Stability is a design software. For our onboard loading instrument please refer to VeriSTAR Onboard software

Our software organizes data on a ship by ship basis, and each ship may have many different states defined by the user. Data input to define the hull shape can be done manually, using copy and paste commands, or after import of lines plan view as a background image. Appendages are created from a large range of primitive, geometric shapes and may be compounded with hull using Boolean logic. For maximum flexibility, input of complementary data and appraisal of criteria are piloted by scripts.

Veristar Stability includes data input for the creation of 3D models and intact stability processing. It provides:

  • Data Input and modeling: Basic Ship Data, Lines Plan, Import/Export of lines in XML standard, Capacity Plan, Light Ship Distribution, Loading Condition definition, management of containers (including EDIFACT file import), etc.

  • Intact Stability: Hydrostatics Particulars, Down-flooding Curves & Tables, Righting Levers KN, Calculation of GZ Curves, etc.

Additional modules are available for:

  • Damage Stability (including longitudinal strength distribution for damaged condition)

  • Subdivision and Damage Stability of Passenger Vessels and Dry Cargo Ships

  • Grain Shifting Moment calculation

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