Veristar Hull Software: Leading Finite Element Analysis

Release Date

Version Number 5.18

Veristar Hull is Bureau Veritas' finite element tool for building and managing safe and optimum designs. It combines the well-known FEMAP processing tool and proven NX and MSC Nastran solvers with in-house developed features for fast and efficient modeling and rule compliance checks.

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Our software provides:

  • Global strength assessment of cargo hold structures (yielding and bucking criteria)
  • Stress assessment of structural details
  • Fatigue strength assessment

Main features:

  • Generation of 3D finite element model facilitated by the import/export from various CAD formats

  • Mesh quality check to get more reliable results with finite element analysis

  • Automatic buckling panel analysis

  • Numerous powerful automatic processes to ease the use and speed of the model analysis

  • Dedicated interface to perform the post-processing, combined with an efficient tool to identify the critical location and associated loading condition

  • Full integration of the sub-modeling approach for local and fatigue analysis

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By downloading this software, you benefit of 14 days free demo period.


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