Veristar complete ship modeling software

Veristar Complete Ship Modeling Software
Comprehensive ship structure assessment

Release Date

Version NumberVeristar Hull 5.15 / Homer 2.1.9

Veristar Complete Ship Model is a ship structure assessment tool, based on a complete version of the vessel. Our assessment includes Bureau Veritas’ Rules and standard calculations, providing a finite element analysis with a user-friendly interface. It combines the powerful pre- and post-processing capabilities of Veristar Hull and the complex hydro-structure coupling methods provided by Homer to assess the strength of a floating structure facing wave loads.

The finite element model of a complete ship is prepared and checked with Veristar Hull, and exported in Nastran format. The model includes:

  • light ship distribution based on material density
  • the definition of loading conditions
  • importation of finite element results, computing the yielding and buckling ratio

In this process, loads are computed by Homer, which is able to calculate the realistic wave loads acting on the ship and the inertia loads that balance them. Two types of analysis can be performed:

  • extreme load analysis to target extreme values of loading parameters (acceleration, vertical bending moment, etc.)

  • spectral fatigue analysis

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