NR445 Rules for the classification of offshore units

BV Rules for the classification of offshore units give the requirements for the assignment and the maintenance of classification for offshore units, such as surface units, semi-submersible units, self-elevating units, SPAR, TLP, buoys, etc. They are applicable to floating units only.

Reference Contents Edition

NR445 Amd 003 E

Amendments from Part A to Part D

November 2022

NR445 A1 R06

Part A - Classification and Surveys

March 2023

NR445 B1 R05

Part B - Structural Safety

December 2016

NR445 C1 R05

Part C - Facilities

December 2016

NR445 D1 R07

Part D - Services Notations

December 2016

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Check other Rules, Rule Notes and Guidance Notes, including documents dedicated to a particular structural type or service of the unit such as:

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Note: Bureau Veritas may at any time issue corrigenda for any published Rules or Guidance Notes to address errors in the printed and/or electronic editions.

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