Hydro - Structure Interactions
Technical Bulletin 2016


As a class society, Bureau Veritas is required to evaluate the structural integrity of floating units. This requires the development of complex hydrodynamics tools alongside efficient coupling with structural models – both in terms of tools and methodologies. In this regard, tremendous R&D efforts have been made in recent years to be able to propose a robust and efficient numerical tool, able to deal with any practical hydro-structure interaction challenge. The result of this work is Bureau Veritas HOMER software, which is the driving force behind the research presented in this section.  

The first paper compares the results obtained from hydro-structural analyses of a complete ship model, and of the equivalent partial ship model, where only the section of interest of the structure is modeled using finite element methodology.

A further two papers concern the evaluation of hydro-elastic structural responses of highly flexible structures, such as ultra large containerships (ULCS), and very large floating structures (VLFS), such as floating airports. HOMER is the leading software in this field. Two types of hydro-elastic responses can be distinguished: linear springing, which is the resonant elastic response of the ship subjected to wave loads; and whipping, which is the transient elastic response of the ship (induced by bow flare slamming, for example). Two applied examples of hydro-elastic evaluation are presented in the papers: first, the springing response of a VLFS; and second, the springing and whipping responses of a 19000 TEU ULCS with a mobile deckhouse.

Another paper explores a further aspect of the whipping response of ULCS, by comparing the ultimate strength of the ship both with and without the dynamic effects associated with whipping responses.



Validation of Hydro-Structure Analysis Using Partial Structural Model

G. Jagite, X. D. Xu, X. B. Chen & Š. Malenica

Numerical analysis of hydroelastic effect on ship structural response

G. Jagite, X. D. Xu, X. B. Chen & Š. Malenica

Deformations of an elastic clamped plate in uniform flow and due to jet impact

A.  A. Korobkin, T. I. Khabakhpasheva & Š. Malenica

Investigations of the dynamic ultimate strength of a ship’s hull girder during whipping

Q. Derbanne, J. de Lauzon, F. Bigot & Š. Malenica

Hydroelastic response of 19,000 TEU class ultra large container ship with novel mobile deckhouse for maximizing cargo  capacity

H. I. Im, N. Vladimir, Š. Malenica & D. S. Cho

Simulation of Iceberg Impacts using Ice-MAS: A Design Tool for Simulating Ice-structure Interactions

P.-A. Béal, S. Le Yaouanq, C. Septseault, M. Cahay, B. Roberts & Z. Mravak