Structural Reliability & Integrity Management
Technical Bulletin 2010


This section provides insights into fatigue damage on ULCs, the impact of cargo loading on bulk carriers, risk-based inspection of deep offshore facilities, dealing with subsea systems and the direct calculation of ice loads.

Risk- based inspection is at the heart of the inspection business and remains essential to improve inspection efficiency. Certification of design life extension is a challenging business, as building standards may have changed and there is a need to manage the uncertainties of the current state of the structure in service.



Fatigue Damage Calculation of ULCS Due to Quasi-Static Wave Response and Springing Response

Virginie Boutillier, Stéphanie Maherault, Michel Huther, Jacqueline Henry & Guy Parmentier

Impact of cargo loading on bulk carriers

Gijsbert De-Jong & John Kokarakis

Risk assessment in engineering, Principles, System Representation & Risk Criteria: Example – Risk Based inspection of offshore structures

Jean Goyet, Antoine Rouhan, Fernando Castanheira, Bruno Farias, Michael Faber & Kazuyoshi Nishijima

Design-life extension of deepwater fields requires surveillance of critical subsea components

Christian Bucherie, François Migeon &Vincent Alliot

Direct Calculation of Ice Loads on Ice-Going Vessels and Offshore Units

Alexey Dudal, Vladimir Yakimov, Vladimir Tryaskin